Aviator Jacket Women

What’s leather jackets to choose for cold weather this Winter

Jackets have always been a style statement for most of the people and they prefer to wear it in any season. Though they are actually become very essential in winters when you have that teeth crackling cold and you are going to your office or anywhere else. You don’t need to be made to understand that what would you feel in that cold .So taking in consideration of the cold each year in the autumn season designers bring out their latest jacket designs , made taking in view both the protection from cold and that you look that stylish and modern ,as you want.

Winter Jackets for Women

Winter jackets for women have always been a curious thing for discussions between the designers. They differ in many topics .Like girls who love driving generally love short jackets and less warm as they come out of the cars less frequently but girls loving long distance travels would like long and warm ones. They may differs and colors and textures according to their taste and lifestyle.So this year designers are looking over the traditional furs coats and including some floral prints, python skins and feathers in the designs so as to provide some variety to the buyers. In some more different looks the old woolen ones, leather jackets and fur jackets with some new designs.

What’s new in color

Earlier we used to see several color variant in case of summer jackets but the winter ones came in pre-defined colors and you had to buy them only but, hey this season you are going to be simply astonished to see you favorite colors their already. You can find purple, pink and red along with traditional black. Aviator jacket women have a whole new range of jackets and if you are not satisfied with all that, you have more and wider option like shearling one’s.

Best Features

The jackets in winter have been designed by several brands but most popular among them are the ones in aviator. The aviator jacket women have some really wonderful features you look for. They are well cut, they are figure flattering and best fitting jackets with lots of classic features. If these are taken care of they can last for a life time, so you are having the durability feature which guarantees your money spend are worth it. Some of them have extra lining on the top , near the neck to provide some extra warmth and an insulation required for the winter months when the temperature outside your home or the office are generally under zero.

What to go for

This winter being a women you can absolutely go for the bit looser ones if you like some more clothing inside for extra protection. For winter generally darker and simpler colors are available but as already stated you are going to have really funky and modern colors this season. You will see some new jackets that are down filled with very high quality material or leather for better insulation. For mountaineering women there are jackets like technical parka which provide extra warmth. These are bit heavier, longer and designed with more care than the traditional ones. While selecting a down, you should always see the amount of down used, more than quality as the more material always means more warmth and more insulation.