Aviator Jacket

Why classic leather aviator jackets is always a favorite of pilots

During World War II there was a huge demand of pilots to operate the fighter jets. From America to Japan all over the world the pilots were placed in to different conditions, of war where their body was totally damaged due to the harsh environment they had to operate in. Ten thousand feet above the earth there would be low pressure and low temperature, with the controls everything was such destructive for the pilots. But here the aviator came and due to its qualities it became the favorite of all pilots during that time.

Qualities of the aviator jackets

During those days to fight with the conditions aviators were very helpful. They were made up of hard leather, which are durable and lasts for years which were very important for the fighter plane pilots. These jackets were very well fitted which don’t obstruct the smooth operations of the plane levers, and these were helpful for the native countries. The jackets were also quit less costly that the traditional jackets of those days so, the countries had to spend less on these stuff and had chances for more arms to be bought.

What made them popular?

These jackets just got attached to the pilots like a protective shield and stopped the cold out of the body. One more reason that was critical is the pressure at that height which was highly controlled by become a barrier for the inner air to go out which didn’t allow the pressure to fall down to such level which could be dangerous to the pilots. These also looked very wonderful on the muscular bodies of the pilots and though style was not a factor for that era but it gave a stylish look. Later on this aviator jacketwas used by tom cruise in his movies in which he was a pilot and he actually looked too cool, so that everyone started buying these jackets.

Why the choice of modern pilots

Modern pilots love this kind of aviator jacket now the height of planes are higher than thirty thousand feet and at that height they need something that would keep them warm moreover the problem of low pressure becomes even severe when we are talking about thirty thousand feet. In the earlier days the pilots don’t have the aviator jackets, but they had jackets which were made of fur and highly lined, and having zipped cuffs which could keep them warm. They didn’t look that cool and also not that protective. Modern pilots not only look for the warmth and pressure but they are now in passenger planes also. So the style matters now, along with those other requirements.

What is new in market?

Traditionally the pilot aviator jacket was made only to protect the pilot and not for style. But now the pilot aviators are demanded in the general public also. The tom cruise movies have made them really reach their height of popularity among the youth. So to meet the demand designers started making variety of jackets based on the traditional once but having lots of accessories according to the changes in the demands. They have started coming in colors like black, grey, brown and many similar dark colors. They are tight at the waist and at the chest. All these look really modern and can make you really dashing in look.