B-15 Flight Jacket

The Most popular flight jackets trends in this winter collection - The 5 must have flight jackets

The most popular trend of men's collection in this season in is flight jacket. It is simply must-have in every fashionable men wardrobe. The mainstream are the prototypes of the following models: G-1, A-2, CWU-45, MA-1, B-3 and B-15 flight jacket.

"The military flight jacket is iconic clothing. We buy them because these jackets are associated with courage. It's like sport fans wear the a T-shirts of players, they like, "- says Jeff Klayman. You cannot deny it, because the leather jacket is a vivid indispensable characteristic feature of several generations of heroes and anti-heroes. Leather clothing has a long history, which dates back to ancient Rome. It were the Roman soldiers who began to use leather armor as a protective uniforms. Add sleeves to that armor and you will get the leather jacket!

A special model of a flight jacket CWU-45 Alpha Ind. is an exact copy of its army black prototype, which is in service of the US Air Force. The jacket is made of 100% nylon with aircraft and water-repellent polyester insulation.

Model MA-1 D-Tec silver is created on the basis of classics - the American Flight Jacket MA-1, known as "Bomber" (these jackets were usually worn by hornet pilots ). A detachable knitted hood was added to the original model . Jacket is made of the same classic super-durable aircraft-grade nylon.This "Bomber" MA-1 AIRMAN has modern color inserts in the bottom of the sleeves, which gives it impudence look, and orange print on the sleeve, stylized to American flag.

ALPHA B-15 Shiny is a gorgeous modern copy of the legendary classic B-15 flight jacket of 1944 from the Alpha Industries company! This jacket was produced in a limited edition for only two years and is considered to be a real rarity, which differs from its classic version by optional detachable collar trimmed with genuine sheepskin. The jacket is made of modern thin nylon in black color.

Classic Flight Jacket A-2 COCKPIT Antique Lamb is sewn of lamb leather. Characteristic elements of its design are the following: pockets have inputs from both the top and the side, straps on the shoulders and elegant silk lining with two embroidered flags. Having no analogues Vintage COCKPIT Top Gun "Movie heroes" from the series Jacket is sewn from specially treated goat leather. Jacket of manual cutting and sewing is artificially aged. This jacket is the exact copy of used in the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise in the main role (released by company Cockpit in 1985). This model -is a movie star itself! The jacket has 17 stripes and a brooch in the shape of an anchor with the logo of the US Navy. It was made according to the specifications of the early 60-ie. with old-fashioned red muton collar in the United States.

The prototype model of COCKPIT B-3 Hooded Jacket became the Army Air Force Type B-3 jacket (called by people "pilot"). The only thing added to it was a hood trimmed with coyote fur that will protect you from the most freezing cold. The jacket has all the original features of the B-3, including the seams with leather trim for greater strength. Rugged metal buckle and zipper, pockets with warming and side entrances and further warmed removable hood are the main characteristic features.