Flight Jacket

What makes to the top 5 list of leather jackets this season.

Jackets are something every one likes to wear. Be it winter or summer jackets are always in fashion and once bought lasts for long time. Jackets are bought considering several things in mind. It may be color, design or the type of fit you want. They are also classified on the basis of the type of material that is used in the manufacturing of the jackets. It may be leather or synthetic material which is made for particular characteristics that are required. Designers bring out new designs and items to suit everyone that is going to come in the market. That is something for everyone. But not many remains in the market for long time gradually gets out of the market but some remain and retain their positions very long. Here we are going to talk about these type of jackets which are good or the best for this season.

Biker jacket

This type of jacket is worn by mostly high way bike riders and who move on their bikes to long distances. These jackets are a bit shorter and made of leather traditionally. For men color option and are like brown, deep blue, black, etc. But for women more wide range is available like pink, purple. But from the last season we can see longer jackets for better safety in case you are at a very high speed and accident occurs. The shorter ones may not protect you but taking in view the case of the pants getting off, single piece zipped jackets are also available in the market.

Moto Jacket

These type of jackets are really on a high demand due the F1 racing championship. Moto jackets are shorter form of motorcycle jackets and are very tight fitted, highly durable and may be made of leather or synthetic material, to provide a very high protection to the racers. They are the modern jackets and best for the ones who love style and Moto racing. Available in several colors and patterns but red and black look really wonderful.

Sheep skin jacket

Since the winters has arrived, the demand for winter jackets are high in the market and who could compete with the sheepskin jacket in terms of warmth. Providing huge variety in material from synthetic to different kind of leather, these ones have also provided the ladies with variety in colors. Latest designs have come in which you can find really wonderful furs and feathers in the women sheep skin jackets.

Flight jacket

These jackets are a bit modified form of bomber jackets. Flight jacket are originally shorter than the bombers jackets but have a thick lining on the collar and made to provide better insulation to the user. These also have a large number pockets to carry several articles for the pilots, like grenades and some edibles. Flight jacket was a vintage but have come back in fashion recently.

Aviator jackets

Aviator jackets have made to number one spot in our count down because of its demand in the markets and the army. They were made popular by Tom Cruise but now are worn by all and even by the private pilots. They are made for protection against heavy cold and low pressure. So they are made up of tough hide and are available as black, brown or grey as traditional colors. Some more colors may be found in the market.

These were the best jackets you may opt for this season and are really good in design, warmth and even cost. Since jackets are one time payments which lasts for a longtime.