G-1 Flight Jacket

What's new in G1 leather jacket trends this season - the 5 top trends to look cool

Naval Aviators are often considered to be the finest of military flyers. Their G-1 flight jackets have always identified them as members of an elite group. Since the 1920s of the last century, leather jacket of model G-1becomes indispensable for the USA naval pilots. G-1 flight jackets became popular in Central China during the World War II in battles over the territory of the Pacific Ocean. In these jackets have fought the pilots of the United States Marine Corps. Later in Korea and Vietnam these jackets wore the fighters of the battle aircraft Phantom, Tomcat and Hornet. The pilots the US Coast Guard also were supplied with G-1 Jackets Model.

Military aviation has always been and remains one of the most respected and well-equipped armed services worldwide. To express the incomparable feeling of fighter pilots when flying can only very commonplace English expression: "burn up the road". The image of a hero, of a romantic air pilot of the middle of the last century have become the inspiration for Americans Jeff and Jackie Klayman in creating brands and Avirex Cockpit in 1975. Under the above-mentioned brands collectible military and flight jackets were produced for use in everyday life. So Klaymans recreated that special atmosphere that was characterized by several generations of military pilots for the modern New Yorkers.

Like real and loyal collectors of military artifacts with 40 years of experience, Klaymans were aimed to revive and transmit the history of past world conflicts with the help of making copies of flight jackets, tailored on the US Department of Defense standards. As Jeff Klayman said, "in such a jacket you feel like in a time machine, where the history fills the air." Klaymans spend a lot of time, put their heart, hard work and love into recreating historical models of jackets and as a result flight jacket has become a trend for many years.

Creating their collections, the Klyman family successfully gave the world prototypes of military aviation from Cockpit leather jackets, which are produced under contract with the US Air Force according to the US Department of Defense standards, to a huge collection of historic aircraft, watches, and all sorts of other military artifacts from 1940 to 1999, which are openly exhibited in their own aviation museum near New York City. On the numerous requests of the customers, in the 2014-15 collection a new line of flight jackets of times of the beginning of Cold War (50-60-ies.) appeared. These are jackets made of cotton and nylon, and also all kinds of modification of the G1 flight jacket, which was produced in the era of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

"Many of these jackets were unknown to the general public yet, as the soldiers took it with them on the return from the army. As a result, these coats were not represented in the market of surplus of the military uniforms, which were sold by army after the war. Jackets were sewn so well that former soldiers wore them at home, "- says Jeff Klayman, - " Now we want to "revive" this part of the history, like in our museum."