Irvin Flying Jacket

Vintage flight jackets: what leads the must have list this season and its top trends

Style of clothes called vintage has become a part of fashionable life long time ago. This style never gets old - it is timeless.In the 90s many world-famous designers used bomber silhouettes in their collections. Since that time, the pilot's jacket entrenched in men's wardrobe.

Nowadays pilot jacket has managed to penetrate not only into the world of men's fashion, but also of female. The most popular are styles of vintage jackets, recreating the original cut of flight jackets of the past. Vintage style of clothing is always current, that is why pilot jackets are the must-have in any connoisseur' of fashion and style wardrobe. Flight Jacket appeared during the First World War. At that time cockpit combat aircrafts were not equipped with protective glass, and in the high altitude temperatures in cockpits could reach -50 degrees. In such circumstances pilots required extremely warm and windproof clothing, and military departments of the United States and many European countries have actively started to develop flight outfit.

The first mass production was arranged by the British, who released Irvin flying jacket in 1926, named after its creator Leslie Irwin. By the way, But his contribution to the development of aviation is not limited only by the development of flight jackets - another important achievement of Irwin was developed and testing of the world's first parachute. Jackets were made of thick leather with sheepskin backing, with a collar, a belt around a belt and cuffs with zipper.

The history of the jacket "Pilot" began in 1917, when instead of raincoats US pilots dressed in warm jackets in leather jacket with large collar, tight clasp and lots of pockets. In 1926, the Royal Air Force pilots appeared in winter leather jacket made of sheepskin, which is still called Irvin flying jacket.Modern American and royal pilots dress in comfortable overalls. And iconic military jackets with the named pilot IRWIN-Bomber turned into fashionable global brands which only strengthen their position during many decades in the capricious world of fashion.

Every year thousands of new versions are launched and appear on the market retaining the characteristics of classic models of 40-60-ies, but improved with new materials and details. The flight model is now sewn not only for a brutal man, but also for graceful women and kids, barely grown out of diapers. Up to this day, the pilot jacket has not lost its courageous charm, and remains the basic stylish piece of clothing of men's wardrobe. All modern prototypes are still made of leather, they have the same turn-down collar and pockets with flaps, knit cuffs and bottom are present as well. It can be optimally combined with jeans, shirts, sweaters and jackets in sport style.

Trend of retro fashion and military style forced the designers to recall the pilot jacket again. Firstly, it is ideal for a temperate climate, and secondly, it is incredibly convenient for walking and driving, because it does not hinder your movements. Another advantage - is the muted colors and a simple line of the cut which allow it to complement any look, and combined with accessories even allows you to create a new style. Definitely, this stylish jacket is suitable to any style, bringing it its flavor. Stylish look can be created with the completion of the pilot jacket with any leather accessories.