Leather Aviator Jacket

How to choose a aviator jackets: the main attributes of a good jacket

Jackets has been always a concern a concern for people. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man, a woman or a designer you love jackets for they always speak about you, your taste and your style. So people have always been very sensitive in choosing the perfect jacket for themselves.

How to decide

You generally decide from home what to go for. Like for example let’s take leather aviator jacket. But when you reach the market or the malls you see a whole lot of designs and types and you actually get confused, which one to go for. There are huge variety and designs. There are pea coats,trench coats, mac jackets, etc. What you need to see is the fitting you want. The type of taste you have in style and designs or the amount of accessories you like. Some people like the extra pockets, the furs, the extra protection at the top, while others don’t. Aviators can be seen far ahead of others in comparison to variety, quality and even price.

What are the general features?

Jackets are been worn since 100’s of years ago. But the design and style have changed .Earlier these were made simple and no accessories but now they have all different designs. Aviators are generally black in color, made up of buffalo skin, sheepskin, cow hide or calf hide. Cow hide leather aviator jacket more durable and stiff but the calf hide ones are bit softer. Talking about the sheep or deer skinned are very soft, giving a sensation of fabric like silk. While goat hide is also used which are heavily granular and softer than cow hide but not as sheep. These all were made to be zipped in winter and open in summer where they look wonderful and stylish. These leather aviator jacket are been worn for decades and are vintage but some new colors and use of synthetic material have made them look different from what we call as old-fashioned.

New features to look for

Aviators when been worn in winters should be long and with heavy down. They are generally used for insulation, for extra warmth. Teenagers are always a fan of the leather aviator jacket which they know will remain in fashion for years, and would go well with jeans and t-shirts. Some new designs in market for aviators are the military designed ones which look trendy and you can also show support for your army men. Some more different in fashion are the checked ones be it brown , or black and white or deep blue , all look really wonderful and modern for the teenagers.

How to choose the best

Choosing the best jackets will not be a big deal when going for a jacket. You have several option in colors like traditional black, Blue, brown for men and red, pink or purple for women. For winters you may look to have longer and heavier ones but in summer shorter ones are more preferable. Durability is a also important factor as jackets are not the articles which are bought every year, and also not the one whose designs are changed each year so, for the worth of money value durability becomes important. The type of leather you are looking for whether it is cow hide, horse hide or the sheep hide, as it defines the comfort you are going to have. Again the price comes into factor.

Final words

Buying an aviator is not a big deal but you have to undergo and enlist all the factors and features you want and of course you going to have all the features in the market.