Shearling Jacket Women

New colors and designs of ladies shearling jacket for this winter: the 5 most popular trends

Women love fashion. For them the fashion changes every day. And thus the older clothing become just a waste and the money invested on them are not worth now. So designers are expected to bring out new items every year that are loved by women. And the most popular jackets come out to be the shearling jackets. They are made up of sheep skin or lamb skin and tanned with a uniform amount of wool still on them. Shearling jacket women can be found with several impressions like bomber, biker, faux etc. we are going to present you the most popular and trendy ones for the season.

Shearling biker jackets

Shearling jacket women are made with biker jackets impression. Biker jackets are shorter and fit to the body. Traditionally they were made only of black color. But these year for the women designers brought out colors like blue, red and pink also. They include thick leather biker jacket with matching shearling leather. Some others also include folded back collar ones. Starting some new trends the typical short jackets are included with box type or raglan sleeves which go wonderful with the jackets. They also come in asymmetric zippers in light grey shade to give a real new look.

Quilted jackets

These jackets are more practical in warmth and are available in the market with really bold and bright colors. They were very popular during the 70’s as sportswear but this season they have a comeback as a fashion wear. These have very dark and simple light fades which look really wonderful with miniskirts. They come in metallic finish which generally were not found earlier. They are more fitted and may be found in voluminous designs. Quilted jackets are a gem in shearling jacket women section

Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are a bit shorter in length and made up of black tough leather for the flight pilots during the World War II, which had open cockpits during that era. This season the classy, vintage trends have come back. Simple black leather jackets. Newer designs have been included with rabbit fur at the collar and edges. Some other jackets may include feathers and folded collars making it look stylish. Some extra linings are given to ensure better insulation to keep the body warmer. They are cuffed and waterproof with trendy zippers.

Faux shearling jackets

Many people in the world are vegetarian and don’t like leather jackets to be worn. So for them the designers have come out with synthetic substitute for the leather shearlings. They look similar but no less in warmth and design. Even faux can be found in more brighter colors and are cheaper than the original shearling jackets which makes them really popular among the youth who keep changing jackets every year.

Faux aviator jacked

This year aviator jackets were ruling the fashion. They were of cropped shapes, with furs and oversized collars. The latest colors being chocolate and khaki which were loved by all. They are given more modern look by utilitarian straps hanging from the collars to the bottom. They were having handmade embroidery on them making them real wonderful in look and trend.

So these were the latest trends and design that have made an impact this year making them really successful designs which may go long way down. Hope you try them.