Brown Leather Belt

TOP classic leather belt For Autumn/Winter

Whenever you want to find a good, decent belt, you always look for a good leather belt. This is due to the high quality and durability that a leather belt brings along. A classic leather belt will not only make you look good, it will also reflect a good personality of yours. This is why people are quite choosy at deciding which belt to buy. There are some people who like stylish leather belts while there is others as well who wish for a more simple yet elegant style of belt. This season, fortunately, there are loads of good belts at your disposal which will simply make you go mad. Let us have a quick look at the 6 top classic leather belts this season which will instantly win your heart.

 •  Charles and Keith classic leather belt

This is an elegant product with a very simple and decent design. This thin leather belt has been specifically designed for young women looking forward to having a decent and stylish look. This is a plain leather belt available in three amazing colors; black, brown and beige. It comprises of a small square buckle which fits perfectly with the overall look of the jacket. This belt is best to wear on light jeans and trousers which match the color of the belt.

 •  Contrasted leather high-waisted belt

This is another classic leather belt with a very unique style. This belt is available in light brown color and is surrounded by a layer of dark brown on the boundaries. The belt is a bit wider than normal belt which makes it look quite different. The best part of this amazing belt is its buckle made in golden color. The buckle is in fact amazingly thin which makes the belt look simply marvelous. If you are looking for a very stylish brown leather belt, then you must try this one.

 •  Dolce and Gabbana basket weave belt

This luxurious belt comes in pure leather in dark brown color. The belt comprises of a unique basket weave pattern on the surface of the belt. The buckle of the belt is made quite thick and is made of golden color. The overall look of this belt is simply amazing. This brown leather belt will be best suited with jeans of brown, blue and black color. So if you are really looking for something unique, do get this fantabulous belt.

 •  D-Ring buckle leather belt

This is another amazing belt in light brown color. The best feature of this belt is its unique buckle in the shape of a “D”. So if you are in search of a new belt with a very stylish and cool look, you should definitely try this one.

 •  Gucci canvas and leather belt

This is another leather belt with a D-shaped buckle. The belt comprises of a light pattern on its surface. It is made from 100% calf leather and is available in a unique light brown color. The belt features a slightly shiny appearance which gives it a distinctive look.

 •  Paul smith woven leather belt

This fantastic belt features a very distinctive design. It is a hand-burnished woven belt which will add a touch of perfection to your look. Wear this belt with your favorite jeans and get a unique look which no one could compete.