Custom Leather Belts

Made on Order: the trend of customized leather belts this season

Different types and techniques are being introduced when it comes to leather art. These variations are not specific to any particular thing. People accessorize themselves with different items that are leathery e.g. jackets, belts, wallets, key rings, etc. There are companies that have dedicated labor, working under their supervision which makes such accessories by hand. These items are custom built and personalized. This lends a personal fascination to the otherwise ordinary things.

Quite recently this trend has resurfaced. Earlier on, this was a traditional custom to wear belts having names on it; but now, the newest fashion trends have revealed the importance of a personal touch to items of clothing. Custom leather belts are being manufactured on a large scale these days and the demand is certainly very high. People now are more aware of the magnitude of good quality leather and so, the manufacturers are using the best quality when it comes to custom leather belts.

The leather belts that are more famous these days are the ones that are especially made my hand. They only use tools that require manpower. The type of leather used these days is mostly of size 1 ¼’ or 1 ½’. This is the proper size that is utilized for hand made custom leather belts.

The colors also vary from the client to client. Black is the most famous one when it comes to leather. Some shades of brown are also common and traditional. The colors also change because of the different texture of the leather. Some types are a little matt while others can be glossy and shiny. A customer should go with the type that matches best with their personality. The 2014 trend is seeing both the looks.

Mostly the belts that are being tied around this season have a blank space in the middle of the back when they are done. That blank space is then used by the customer to put a tag on. It could be the person’s own name, a nickname, the name of a company or a kid’s name. People these days are not shying away from anything that is a good way of expressing themselves and so, the name tags on the belts can say anything of your choice. Just make a good use of that accessory to articulate yourself and your individuality.

It is not necessary that custom leather belts only show cast name tags. That is certainly not true. They can have any kind of a motif or a pattern running along the way. You can have it painted with a particular type of theme as well. Rowdy belts can have a cowboy theme, for instance. If you are wishing to go to a much softer look, angel wings, feathers or leaves are also being painted.

Patterns are also in this season. They can be floral for female belts, whereas men can go for other options. Although these days such accessories are not gender specific and are unisex, but some patterns can be divided. Badges of military style are also customized on the belt. The eagle head is a very popular one.

Leather belts that are customized this season are not restricted to any particular pattern or style. There is a lot of uniqueness and room for experimentation which should certainly be availed!