Leather Belts

The 8 new leather belts trends for this season

Are you one of those people are looking for an amazing leather belt but are having difficulty deciding what to get? Well, you are at the right place then. There are a lot of styles in which leather belts are available this season. It is not untrue that a good belt develops your personality and makes you look more decent. However, you need to make sure that you get a belt which you can wear with a number of clothes which you have so you do not have the trouble of getting a separate belt for each outfit. In this regard, let us have a glimpse at the 8 new leather belts trends for this season.

 •  String belts

String belts are one of the hottest belts this season. These belts are quite thin and can be worn over your coat or jacket or even above your jeans. These belts are ties at the front in the shape of a bow. This style definitely looks quite amazing and unique as well.

 •  Textured belts

These belts come with unique textures made on its surface. Yes, these textures can comprise of patterns on the surface of these belts. In certain cases, one could find metallic ornaments studded on the surface of the belts to give a unique and attractive look which everyone simply adores.

 •  Sparking belts

These belts are quite similar to textured belts, except that these comprise of sparkling ornaments on their surface. In most cases, you will find precious stones embedded on the surface of you leather belt, which gives a mesmerizing look.

 •  Wide belts

Some people like to have wide leather belts, preferably for wearing above fancy jeans. These belts cover a much wider area as compared to a simple belt. However, in some cases you will also find some unique patterns on these belts.

 •  Fur belts

These belts comprise of a leather base followed by fur covering the surface. The fur could cover whole of the belt but generally it forms a unique design on the surface of the belt. These styles of belts are quite famous between women due to their unique and attractive look.

 •  Side buckled belts

This trend is quite famous among teenagers this season. These belts comprise of a buckle on a particular side of the belt rather than at the front. Yes, this means that your belt will be simply flat at the front while the buckle is on any one side of the belt. Most of the young guys and girls are simply mad about this style.

 •  Fancy buckled belts

You might have seen many belts which have buckles of various shapes and designs. This season, you will find many leather belts which comprise of this amazing feature. The buckle could be in any size, design or shape as want. Most of the belts this season come with large buckles made of metal which resemble the shape of an element, animal or a common product.

 •  Two-sided belts

What would be better than having two belts in a single belt? Yes, this season you will find a number of belts which can be worn on both sides. So now you will have two belts with different designs and styles by just buying a single belt.