Mens Leather Belts

Designer leather belts: How pricey it can get this season

Belt is a tiny garment, which can provide a finishing touch to the allover look of a man or woman. The designs and styles of belts are versatile. At present leather made designer belts have gained huge admiration worldwide among the fashion conscious people. However, designer belts are pricey due to their elegant style and high quality materials. In this article some popular designer belts have been focused along with their respective price ranges.

 • Leather Belt with Two Thick Layers

This type leather belts are made up of top grain leather. The belt structure is built with two layers and both of those layers are brawny. The width of these belts is about 16.5 inches. These belts are mainly produced from Italian leather. These mens leather belts carry about forty percentages of heavier weight than a regular leather belt. The belt contains stitch through the full-length which is done using heavy and quality cords. Though the belt looks heavy, it is not uncomfortable to wear. The brass made round cornered buckle of this belt is really attractive. This belt is available at $2050 in this season.

 • Leather Belt with 3-Row Stitch Design

This leather belts have an amazing outlook; as they contain about three detail rows of stitching design. The stitches contain contrasted color from the belt color, which have added extra flair to the overall design of this belt. This belt has been made out of top-grain leather. Another amazing feature of this belt is the brass made buckle, which also contains a nickel finish. In this belt, the brass is wonderfully handcrafted. Moreover, it contains rounded corners, which will not hurt the guts of the wearer. The design of this belt contains about seven holes in place of the regular five holes, which provides more flexibility for for being fitted over the layers. The width of these belts is about 18 inches. The price of this leather belt is about $2200.

 • Buckle-less Belt Design

This buckle free belt deserves to get a place in your wardrobe for its unique design. These mens leather belts have been produced from top grain bridle type leather. The absence of buckle does not create any problem to the wearer; because, it offers closure system with hook-loop system that holds up the belt structure properly. This system also makes the adjustment of the belt along with the body more flexible. The width of this belt is about 18 inches. The wearers are advised to purchase the belt at one size larger than the measure of waist-area of their body. The structure of this belt is oily; therefore, it can prevent the scratches. This belt is available at $1800 in the current season.

 • Buffalo Leather Belt

Buffalo leather made belts offer good durability at a reasonable price range. These belts are available in dark brown color. In this belt the strap area and the inner area have been made out of genuine buffalo leather. The special feature of this type belt is the bronze made buckle. The buckle is easily removable, which aids the wearer. Moreover, the buckle contains an oil-rubbed surface. These belts contain about 1.5 feet long along with a regular weight. The wearers are advised to purchase the belt at one size larger than the measure of their waist.