Red Leather Belt

The new trends and styles of leather belts - What's hot for this season

If you are in search of the stylish and trendiest leather belts this season, you are at the right place. This season, a number of new trends related to leather clothing have unleashed into the market. Among these, one would be amazed to see the new trends relating to leather belts. This season, there are a lot of new trends as well as styles; some trends are brand new while others feature an amalgamation of some old styles with the latest ones. However, if you do not own one of the latest leather belts this season, you are surely missing on too much. Let us discuss in detail the trends and styles pertaining to leather belts this season.

Braided belts are becoming famous amongst teenagers

There is a wide variety of braided leather belts this season. These belts are available in various styles and colors. However, the most favorite colors of many people in braided belts are black, brown and grey. These leather belts are famous in shiny appearances and attractive look. In fact, if you want a causal and cool belt to wear on your jeans, you should definitely consider getting a braided leather belt. There are many classic braided belts available as well this season which feature a mixture of various colors as well.

D-shaped belts are quite in trend

These are the belts which come with a unique buckle which is in the shape of a “D”. This buckle distinguishes this belt from others. This season there is a lot of variety in D-shaped belts as well. Some of the belts carry a plain, shiny look which seems to be quite elegant while others comprise of light patterns on the surface of the belt. If you are really looking for a rough look, then go for the D-shaped belt.

The new trend of studded belts has emerged rapidly

These belts are best for teenagers and young adults who want a very cool look. These belts comprise of studded metals on their surface. These metals are studded in such a way that they forms unique pattern on the surface of the belt. The studded metal pieces are also available in various styles and designs. Some belts feature square-shaped studded metal pieces while other belts carry round studded metals. The popularity of these belts have emerged quite rapidly over the years. These belts are best to wear with jeans on fancy parties of functions.

Red leather belts have become the hot trend of this seaosn

This season, you will see a lot of red leather belt in the market in various styles and designs. Generally these belts are designed for women since they love this color. However, this season a lot of belts for men also come in red color. Whether they are red leather belt in plain color or they are in a braided style, men all over the world are wearing them. So, do not wait anymore and get a red colored belt for yourself too and taste the hot trend of this season.

Thin leather belts are preferred by women

The style of thin leather belts is best suited to women who wish to wear these belts above their jeans or even above their long coats. These belts are generally thinner than normal belts are available in different designs, styles and colors.