White Leather Belt

The new colours and design trends this season: The new leather belts

A lot of new trends in the leather belt industry have emerged over the past few years. This season, there are many new styles and shapes in leather belts from which you can choose your desirable one. There are not only new designs but also new colors which will make you go simply mad. It is interesting to note how new combination of colors has emerged in leather belts which give it a very unique and distinguishing look. In this regard, let us have a glimpse at the latest trends, look, designs and colors pertaining to leather belts and see how the combination of these features makes up amazing leather belts.

Red D-shaped belts

You must be aware regarding the recent trend of D-shaped belts, but have you seen these belts in red color? Well, this season you will be astonished to find the number of D-shaped belts in red color this season. These belts comprise of a ring which is in the shape of the letter “D”. These belts are worn by both men and women on informal occasions. So, these belts are the best for you if you want to have a different look. These red belts suit best with black or white jeans.

Brown Side-buckled belts

The trend of side-buckled belts is also quite in trend nowadays. These belts comprise of the buckle at one of the sides of the belt rather than at the front. These belts carry a very new look which very few people would have seen? You will find most of these belts in the market in brown color, preferably dark brown color. This is because people like to have brown-colored belts in the latest styles which they could wear with their stylish jeans and t-shirts. So get one of these brown belts to get a taste of the latest style this season.

Plain Black leather belts

Even though the trends regarding leather belts have changed drastically over the past few years, the trend of plain black leather belts never dies out. This is due to the mesmerizing look which a black belt carries with it. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that black color is still the favorite of many people, whether they are men or women. You can wear these black belts on a formal as well as on an informal situation. Furthermore, the best thing about these belts is that you can wear them with a number of jeans since black color matches with every outfit easily. There are, in fact, a lot of shiny black belts as well which will simply blow your mind. So do not wait and check the latest collection of plain black leather belts this season.

Braided white leather belts

Braided leather belts are loved by many due to their stylish look. These belts are worn by many people on informal occasions. However, this season the most favorite color of people in braided style belts is white. What can be more amazing than a braided style white leather belt with a shiny appearance and an attractive look? Well, you can wear this white leather belt with a number of jeans of various colors including blue, black, brown, white, pink and yellow. So if you are ready to get a totally unique look, try out these belts.