Leather Mini Dress

The leather dress choices you have this Winter: The top 5

Some women think that winter is a season only for pants. But this year designers insist that you must show your beauty and femininity. Nothing can make it better that a dress. Woman in dress always look stylish, bright and tender. Leather will help you to look bright and this material is rather warm, so, you don’t risk with your health. If you want to choose right dress for you, you must know tendencies of fashion world.

The first dress that woman must pay attention to is leather mini dress. Mini dress with long sleeves and animal or geometric print is one of the best trends of this year. Before we associated leather with rock and biker style, this season we see a lot of wonderful and very feminine models that must be in wardrobe of every stylish lady. You are free to choose any color, but it’s better to stay on cold shadows, this year they are in favor. So, blue or green leather mini dress with long sleeves and piton print will make you very elegant and you don’t need any other decorations, like belts, you ill show beauty of your legs and attention is guarantied. Colorful rhombus print is also one of very popular decision, you can easily combine it with any garment thanks to black strips.

Leather dress of midi length is called “must have” of this season. A length till knee is the best variant if you choose free patched dress or a pencil dress. It’s very good variant for business ladies, but this season designers give them very feminine models that will help to create straight image with romantic and tender shadows. Pencil dress can be of any color. Elegant women who prefer minimalistic style can stop on black, green, blue or grey dress. Soft lines will show beauty of your body and you will be able to combine it easily with any shoes or jackets.

Black leather dress is one of queens of podiums of this year. Black isn’t dark, because this season designers prefer to work with glance leather or combination of glance and mat one. The most original models are created in mosaic system and if you want to look original and bright, you must stop on black dress made from pieces of leather. If you want to look brighter, you can stop on every fashionable combination of black with any other color.

Brown leather dress without sleeves or with large short sleeves is trend of this season. Brown came back to podiums and now we see many models of this color. One of the most popular models of this winter is midi length brown dress with metal belt on waist. It’s also very popular to combine brown with blue color and one of the most bright and unusual decisions of this winter is brown dress with high knitted blue collar, short sleeves and blue strip on lap and metal belt. You can buy dress on any shadow of brown, from bright, almost red models to very practice dark-brown. You can stop on luxury beige or light-brown variant and combine it with contrast white jacket, it will look really great.

If you want to look great for many seasons, you must take a dress that won’t disappear from podiums. The most popular dresses of this season are made with combination of different material and this year you can see very unusual combinations, like leather + suede, leather + guipure, leather + denim, leather + silk. You can see such contrast strips on sleeves, very popular are leather dresses with guipure sleeves.