Long Leather Dress

The return of the classic style: The leather dress patterns for women this season

Classic style offers a lot of possibilities for women, it gives women elegance, charm and class look. Woman dressed in classic style always has great look and she is in the center of attention. Designers propose many models of dresses that will help you to have wonderful look in any situation: on work, in the shop, on the walk and on the party.

This year we see many styles on podiums, from biker one to classic. Of course, you can combine them, this season borders between styles disappear and you can have great look wearing classic dress with biker jacket. Classic style is very actual and you can find a lot of models that will help you to create unforgettable image. First of all, you must choose where you will wear your dress to. If you are looking for a dress that will give you great look in daily life, you can choose universal dress that it will be easy to combine with other garments from your wardrobe. In this case, popularity of back color will help you. Choosing a black dress you have choice between many models. Free and modern women who have beautiful legs can choose mini dress with minimum of details, glance leather already looks good and you don’t need extra decorations for it, just one zipper or some metal buttons for decoration will be enough. Midi length is very popular this winter, so, it will be the best choice for women who like comfort and stylish look, it’s just important to wear midi dresses with high heels shoes, because in another case, dress will lose its look. If you prefer brighter variant, designers propose rich color gamma this season, but of course, for office variant it’s better to choose dark or pale color gamma. Grey, beige, dark-green, dark-blue or violet color will give you necessary elegant look. Brown color is also very popular now, so, if you want to warm up this winter, it’s better to choose hot shadows of chocolate. Long leather dress is also presented on podiums; the best variant is a long dress with large skirt and shirt collar. With bright belt on waist such black dress will look very original and you can change effect thanks to multicolored accessories.

If you are looking for bright variant for evening and you need to be the center of attention, bright colors will serve you the best. A mini dress of bright blue, orange or emerald color with animal or geometric print will give you wonderful look even without other decorations. Original women can choose elegant classic dress with contrast bright colors. Very popular is combination of orange, black and blue or white, green and yellow. This season even the brightest combinations look great, even brown with blue look stylish. The most important is do not lose sense of style and show your imagination and creativity. If you want to feel good in your skin, it’s better to express your character with choice of your dress. Sunny colors are also very popular, some designers didn’t want to sad good buy to summer and decided to take hot colors to winter collections. So, mini dress of red, orange or yellow color is very good choice for party. But if you are looking for something special for social event or really important occasion, long leather dress will be the best choice. Long dress with asymmetric lush folds and open shoulders will make you look like a star. Classic style is the best choice for looking elegant and very feminine.