White Leather Dress

The elegant look: The new patterns in a leather dress this winter- top 5

The most important what woman wants from leather dress it’s its comfort, practice and of course, attractive and elegant look. Choosing a leather dress you have enormous choice this winter because this year leather is called the most favorite material of designers. If you want to look elegant and bright, you must choose right leather dress for you and new patterns will help you in it.

The first leather dress that will help you to look charming is a dress made from textured leather or from pieces of different types of leather. Such mosaic system gives very interesting effect and all models of dresses look very original thanks to it. You even don’t need to think about extra decorative elements, such dress looks very self-sufficient. Color doesn’t matter, you can stop on universal black variant or you can choose luxury white leather dress, bright red one or elegant green leather dress. With mosaic or geometric elements it will look great on any type of body.

The second one is a dress in biker style. This style gets more and more popularity and even if before you were far away fro rock elements or motorcycle garments, this season it’s just a time to add free notes to your image and wardrobe. Biker dress makes a woman look wild, very attractive, strong, independent, but with all that very feminine. Short black dress from glance leather with oblique zipper closure, high collar without sleeves with many belts on waist, collar and pockets, decorated with metal buttons and chains attracts all sights, especially if this woman wears high heels. This season don’t be afraid to look strong and aggressive, nothing will give you more feminine look than biker dress. If you don’t like metal decorations, you can easily find a nice biker dress with minimum details, soft material and good cut will give you elegant and straight look.

Midi dress with asymmetric length is one of the most popular dresses of this season. It’s wonderful variant for business women. You can stop on black leather dress with original bright print. This season animal print is very popular, especially tiger, piton and leopard variant. You can also stop on dress with geometric or abstract print. Cage is also still very popular, especially if you are not afraid of bright colors, you can choose wonderful multicolored dress with black cage. It’s very popular to play with contrast colors, so, if you want to be in the center of attention, you can stop on bright orange, red or yellow dress with green, black or dark-brown patterns.

The fourth dress that will give you very elegant look is original dress with fringe. Designers use fringe for decoration of all types of dresses. One of the brightest variants is black or white leather dress without sleeves totally covered with long fringe. It’s perfect variant for bright ladies and on any party you will be in the center of attention. Designers propose different variants and you can see also glance leather dress with mat sleeves decorated with fringe. Or there are variants with fringe on body or only on skirt of dress. The most important is that choosing such dress you can be sure in its popularity and attractive look.

One of the best trends of this season is a dress made from different materials. You can see wonderful dresses for special events made from leather and guipure. Original office variant is long leather dress with asymmetric suede parts of contrast color. You can also choose bright dress with orange leather body and black skirt from jersey. You have a lot of variants, just be bright and don’t be afraid to look original.