Leather Hats For Men

The Classic Leather Hats – The 5 Most Popular Trends of this Season

Leather fashion has never gone out of trend even with leather hats. The leather hats today are being used more of a fashion statement, which started to be one of the must have accessories by men or women.

Leather hats for men are not just pleasing to the eyes, but they are also durable and can be easily paired to any outfit you feel like. These hats do have appeals on their own and that is the reason why men and cowboys are having these hats no matter what are their status in the society.

Leather hats in today’s fashion whether a cowboy, a fedora or simply the classic hat is, they are still on top of sophistication in the fashion world and nothing can match them in terms of hats. Although modern hats today are being used as fashion accessory, they are still important to use as protection from cold weather or sunlight. These hats are available in many shapes, designs and sizes.

However, there is nothing that can beat these classic leather hats for men that can give the wearer a sexy and tough looking image. The hats are very manly and very useful especially when you are outdoors. They are great protection for the sun. The high crowns and the wide brims are great provider of protection, and helpful keep the eyes shaded from rays, dusts and insects.

Leather hats are normally made from cowhide leather and the flexibility of the hats will vary on the leather used. Hats that are softer are much expensive, but they are worth the price since the hats made of these quality materials can last for a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Below are my Top 5 Most Popular Leather Hats this Season:

Short Rim Fedora Hat – these hats are made of black leather fedora having short rims. These hats can be used to match any outfit even for the ladies to completely have their sexy looks. For men, this is an image of power having this short rim hats can get attention for the wearer. Black fedora can give the wearer a soft feel and comfortable fitting.

Whip Stitch Cowboy Hat – these hats are available for both cowboys and cowgirls that are water resistant and finished with a nice accent of whip stiches style. These hats are western inspired with ventilation holes from the sides to permit air circulation. The hats also feature adjustable string, soft suede-like lining and forehead pads.

Steampunk Rattle Snake Head Hats – these hats are made with genuine rattle snake head, skin and tail. This revived old steamboat designed hat contains removable band with anti-microbial to lessen the odor and for size adjustment. These vintage hats are made of cowhide leather, which can last for a lifetime.

Leather Stingy Brim – these hats are the classic telescope design of leather pork pie hats containing 2-inches of stitched brims. The hat’s crown is shaped and inspired of telescope style. They are available in brown and black colors.

Leather Curl Rim Fedora –These hats have curled-up rim just like what have Rocky wore in his movie. These short curled-rim fedora designed hats are made of quality cowhide leather containing inner hat sweat band.

Leather hats for men will remain to be fashionable and useful. Leather has its own appeal that will always stay sexy and hip to the eyes of the public.