Leather Hats

Hot styles for this season- The choices you have for leather hats

Leather is used on an assortment of articles of clothing, from shoes to jackets to hats; for both men and women. Depending on how it is designed, it can be stylish, athletic, or utterly masculine or outright feminine. Leather is an easy material to mold. As it is very flexible and easy to shape things out of, it guarantees a fine fit. It also holds its form nicely, so it does not expand or crinkle easily.

This season leather hats are a big hit, for both males and females! It is an extremely fashionable, pliant and durable headgear. Each piece of real leather hat is unique as it is made out of tanned animal skin. Another plus point of a leather hat is its suitability for every type of weather. It can be used in cold, hot and humid conditions as it provides shelter from all types of weather. During winter, it offers protection against snow and wind and provides warmth and similar sturdiness that other winter headgear of different material provides. During summer it shields from the sun and also acts as a sturdy fan to fan oneself.

There is a large selection of leather hats available in many styles like fedora, safari, porkpie, outback, ivy flat cap, newsboy and baseball cap.

 • A fedora is a hat in which the crown is usually creased lengthwise and is generally pinched near the front on both sides. The pinch’s position may vary. It was made widely popular by Indiana Jones.

 • A safari hat is designed to protect the wearer's head and face from sunlight.

 • A porkpie hat has a narrower brim than a Fedora and a flat crown. The brim is usually worn up.

 • Outback hats have wider brims and as a result have become very popular for their superb UV protection. It is great for fishing, boating, golfing, hiking and traveling.

 • An ivy flat cap is a rounded men's or women'scapwith a tiny firm brim in the front. The underside of the cap is generally lined for warmth and comfort.

 • A newsboy cap has the same general form and firm peak in front as a flat cap, but the body of the newsboy cap is rounder, plumper and sectioned with a button on top, and frequently with a button connecting the front to the brim.

 • A baseball cap is a sort of soft cap with a rounded top, a big peak and a fitted/adjustable belt at the back.

Leather makes superior quality hats. Just bear in mind to take appropriate care of it so it stays in good shape. Dry instantly with a soft fabric or let it dry on its own and leave it in a place that is away from direct sunlight so as not to discolor it. To get rid of dust and dirt from smooth leathers, occasionally clean them with a water-dampened cloth. Refrain from grasping your hat by its pinch as this will ultimately cause it to crack or become tarnished from your body oils.

As leather hats are very trendy right now, and as it is very low maintenance and durable, go out and purchase some. As a variety of styles are available it suits all face shapes and hairstyles. So try some on and decide which looks best on you and then add this to your wardrobe for the season.