Designer Leather Jackets For Women

What's new in this winter collection for designer leather jackets for ladies – The top 5 trends

The traditional jacket is still the top choice in fashionable leather jacket this winter with designers making some eye-catching zipper alterations to this favorite among leather jackets. Some designers have made a departure from the usual black jacket to provide some colorful options in the current winter collection. The 60’s look has made a comeback this season. Winter fashion has some amazing new trends but what we are mainly focused on now are the top 5 trends in designer leather jackets for women.

Leather and Fur

When we speak of winter fashion, fur is a must for consideration. On designer leather jackets for women, fur can most commonly be found on collars and sometimes on the front and back. Little known fur Astrakhan is making its debut on catwalks across the world. Astrakhan is the fleece of a newborn karakul lamb and has a tight, whorled, and shiny appearance. More conventional furs like fox, coyote and raccoon are still making an appearance on designer leather jackets for women.

Bomber Jackets

Stripes are in this year, and the way designers are using them on leather jackets is primarily through the bomber jacket. A black and white striped leather bomber jacket is one of the more fashionable designer leather jackets for women. Two toned leather jackets, one color for the sleeves and a different color for the body are also in style this winter.


Capes are back, the former fashion favorite has returned to the top ranks this winter. Capes come in various materials including leather. One very fashionable design on the market is the Alpaca cape trimmed in leather. There are also full leather capes available for those ladies that love their leather. Capes come in different shapes and sizes and designers have taken full advantage of this to provide a host of stylish options for this season.

Leather and Shearling

The previous cold winter has had a huge impact on winter fashions this year. This impact can be seen in the trend to design warmer and more functional coats for this winter. Nowhere is this more evident than in the use of protective skin like shearling. Shearling is sheep’s skin that has been tanned with the wool left on. Shearling is verypopular; it has been used in a host of clothing and accessories,of course including leather jackets. Shearling can be categorized as fur so should be included in leather and fur trend previously mentioned. However shearling has been used so extensively and has caused such a change across the board in winter fashion that it deserves its own special mention. Shearling like furs can be found in the collars of bothbiker and leather bomber jackets. It is the must have item for those who wish to remain warm and fashionable this winter.

Thereare more trends in designer leather jackets for women for example moto jackets but those previously stated are the top five. Capes may not strictly be considered jackets but their impact on current trends in winter fashion deserves to be addressed. Only the changes in furs can be considered an innovation in the leather jackets available for ladies this winter. Biker jackets still lead the leatherfashion trends; however there are alsoa variety of other stylish leather jackets available in the winter.