Italian Leather Jackets

What’s new in leather jackets in Italian style this winter: The top of this season

Italy is considered as pioneer in the fashion world. It is said, that whatever the new fashion is coming, it first starts from Italy. Italy is the great hub of artistic designers, which brings Italy on the top position in the fashion world. Thus having such wonderful designer, Italian leather jackets has also gained much popularity all over the world.

There is huge collection of men and womenleather jacket available in the market with iconic design and wonderful colors. The upsurge in the Italian leather jackets compels designer to come with new stylish leather jackets every season. The patterns of the Italian leather jacket has evolved so much with respect to the selection of colors, materials, designs and other detailing on the jacket.

Among men, a trend for the black leather jacket is high, but this season men seem to prefer more of the brown color or the Navy blue color. Some collection also contains simple army green color with little bit of patch work on it. In the fashion magazine, it is seen that this season the designers are coming with the designs based on the turtle neck and funnel neck leather jacket in both gender section and people are getting attracted towards it. The collection of Italian leather jackets with both the turtle and funnel neck has outnumbered all other patterns of jacket. It looks very stylish and cool on the boys. The new stylish crinkled effect leather jackets are also introduced, which are simple with zip fastening at the centre and at the end of the long sleeves. Though simple, it looks so fashionable and different, due to its crinkled effect.

The upcoming fashion of the Italian leather jackets for women has no comparison with others. They are unbeatable, due to its design, fit, beautiful colors and different type of detailing. This season, other than the black color, many bright color leather jackets are dominating in the fashion hub. Girls and many celebrities are seen to wear colors like orange, navy blue, light pink, white, red, military green, purple and many others. Those colors look more adorable than common black color. The short leather jacket with the body fitting, zip fastening or buttons and pockets are all time favorite among girls, but now the taste of the people has changed. With the changing trends, many long leather jackets with different patterns are available in the market. Those jackets are knee length with the high neck, the fur on the collar and the belt on the waist, which also look stunning and are in great fashion nowadays.

The ladies short and long jackets also come up with turtle and funnel neck, which along with getting protection from winter also looks fashionable and sophisticated. It comes with various colors and patterns. Along with the necking, the designers have also come up with the range of new Italian leather jackets made up of lamb than of cow or buffalo, as it is soft and light weight, still having strength and durability than any other leather material. Its suppleness also allowed designer to design thin material blazer like leather jacket, which are comfortable, soft, and flexible for the body, which are trending this winter. Thus the, fashion capital Italy brings you the wide variety of Italian leather jackets with different materials and patterns to choose from.