Mens Designer Leather Jackets

Whats popular and stylish this season mens designer leather outwear

No matter the event, fashion trend, culture or season, leather jackets have never been out of fashion. It is an ever popular garment that is equally liked and suited to children, men and women alike and doesn’t cease to be out of fashion.It is a diverse and evergreen outfit that is adventurous and sporty as well as funky and modern at the same time. Winters are here and it is time to celebrate the leather jackets all over again. Since this outer-wear piece is mostly on the expensive side, one needs to know the current styles and popular designs to have a perfect item for the season. So what’s in this time?

As always, black reigns supreme in the leather color scheme because it truly glorifies and celebrates the supremacy of leather. This is signified by the availability of leather jackets in this color the most compared to other hues. Browns, both light and deep closely follow in popularity with shades of blue mostly in deep hue. While the emphasis remains on plain, we are also speculating the use of textured leather jackets such as crocodile effect etc. in men’s wear as a new popular item. Moreover, the use of fur in men’s jackets as part of collars etc. is also a trend that’s up this season. However, this is mostly for those who opt for leather jackets as a protection from the sharp winter. Wearing a furry leather piece to a party would not be a great idea after all.

Men designer leather jackets are totally incomplete without zip and this trend remains hot this season as well. Zip remains highlighted as it gives leather jackets, particularly the biker ones an oomph and chic look. The usage of zip is extended from the front zipper to front pockets as well as zipped sleeves. However, extensive zips on the jacket will deviate its style statement from chic to being over-done and restrict its usage to adventurous events. For a casual look, less is always more. Steel buttons this season is not a highlight as before and emphasis is mostly on plain look to glorify the leather itself.

Endorsing the simple and plain ideology, the multi-pocket trend isnot so popular this season, replaced by simpler and more sophisticated 2-4 front-pocketed jackets. Flap pockets have disembarked and zip pockets are the winner this time around. High and rounded collars with neat fittings are stylish as always. Waist length leather jackets are a must this season and nobody wants to be seen around wearing a jacket hovering below the hip or one with droopy shoulders. Long leather overcoats aka dusters are to be totally avoided! You don’t want to look like you belong to the 70’s era. Remember, smartness is the key! Colored stitching is out and similar-color-material-thread stitching concept is back in.

To summarize, the style remains simple yet sophisticated focusing majorly on mono-colored leather (black being the most popular and stylish), lesser pockets, simpler fronts, minimal embellishments and zips used instead of buttons. The stitch has to be crisp, neat and well fitted. Avoid exceeding length or huge arm holes. Find a size that aligns to your body once the jacket is zipped up. Never decide on a size wearing an unzipped jacket. Pair you leather jackets with denim pants as the perfect combination. Men designer leather jackets and leather pants will again be a style over-statement and undermine the impact of the leather jacket that it deserves.