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Top trends leather jacket made popular by popular video games: The trend setting characters

Movies and celebrities are the most influential ones in the fashion industry. Whatever the movie stars or celebs wear is copied by their fans. But, copying the style and fashion is not only limited to the film industry. There are millions of gamers around the globe. The virtual world of video games indeed makes a great impact on a person. And one of the impacts seen today is in the fashion world. Whether it is the Assassin Creed hoodie or Alex Mercer jacket, they are as trendy as anything else.

Today, many of the dresses worn by the video game characters are a very popular trend amongst the gamers as well as others. They have their own unique style and impression among people and people definitely love them. The clothes they wear have become a style statement in the modern fashion world.

Here are the most popular or top 3 trends of leather jackets made popular by popular video games and their characters:

 • Aiden Pearce from Watchdogs:

Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker from Ubisoft’s hit video game series ‘Watchdogs’ has inspired yet another fashion trend amongst the population. The unique leather coat he wears in the game has mystified a good chunk of population. The jacket is just like an overcoat but contains the iconic style of Pearce from the game. The manufacturers have teamed up with the gaming franchise to make the jacket available in the market for all their fans to buy and acquire a skilled hacker’s look from the game.

 • Leon Kennedy from Resident evil:

Leon Kennedy is a tough cop who fights off zombies and save his hometown from infestation. Yes, I’m talking about the gun-slinging cop from Resident Evil. He is a companion of Alice in the video game where they pop bullets in every flesh-eating monsters’ heads. To give him a hardened warrior’s look, he wears a brown or a black leather bomber jacket. Among all other resident evil jacket worn by the characters, Leon’s jacket is the eye popper. Leather bomber jackets have become fashionable attire amongst younger generations and as the winter is coming, you might as well get one too.

 • Alex Mercer from The Prototype:

Alexander J. Mercer, also known as Zeus or the Prototype from the action, adventure video game, Prototype has inspired a lot of his gamer fans with his charming yet bold style. The hooded leather jacket he wears through the game has spell-bind most of his fans. Alex Mercer jacket looks like a normal leather jacket with a red chimera print on the back. But its uniqueness is the hoodie cap. This jacket provides a mystical look to the wearer. Leather jackets are loved by everyone and when the jacket is from their favorite characters, it becomes a trend very easily.

There are many clothing companies that produce these stylish video game inspired jackets. These jackets are in trend not just because they have fans all over the globe. But because, these jackets are so stylish and comfortable they have been one of the most demanded jackets by the gamer boys or gamer girls.. Each jacket is made from fine quality material and looks like the exact replica of the original. So, why not dress up like one of your favorite video game characters?