Bane Coats

How Top movies changed coats trends this season - the most popular trends

Movies have played a great role in setting the fashion trends since a very long while. Whether it is the female stars or the males, every other character is equally influential. The jackets, coats and female dresses are the most copied apparels from the movies. Not only the superhero coats are famous but also the coats made famous by the villains are equally loved by the movie fans. Everyone loves the Batman, but there are people who love the epic dress up of the Joker and the Bane coats. So, it is the style that matters.

Coats are very useful apparels to keep us safe from chilling winter. But that is not all about the coats. Coats maintain your class and dignity among people. The design and the type of your coats determine your reputation. Coats inspired from many movie characters and many new modifications to them are easily available these days in many clothing stores and online stores.

Here are some very popular coats from different movie characters that are now in trend:

 • Sherlock Holmes coats:

There are hardly any people in the world who are not spellbound by the charm of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, playing the role of Sherlock Holmes in the series “Sherlock”. As charming as he is, is his style and sense of humor. The over coats he wears are not only adored by the people in the series but also his fans. His style is one of the most copied styles for the winter. The long black over coat along with a black scarf or muffler around your neck gives you the perfect look for winter. The apparel made up of wool fabric has lapel style collar and double breasted button closure. This coat is a must have, if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes.

 • Bane coats:

Every super villain form “The Dark Knight” series has their own sense of style of fashion. You can easily find more fans of the Joker than the Batman fans. And same is the case with Bane. The fashionable coats worn by Tom Hardy in the movie are just perfect to depict his “merciless skull crushing” character of Bane. The replicas of these stylish coats are made up of both real and synthetic leather and the interiors are shearling fur, to make these coats perfect for the winter. The broad erect collar and the front buttoned closure are the specifications of this coat. Similar to the original Bane coats, the replicas are also available in brown color mostly. These jackets are made easily available for you in most of the clothing stores or online stores.

 • 12th Doctor Who coats:

The formal attire of Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who as the Twelfth Doctor has won millions of his fans’ hearts. This attire has been tried to be copied by many of his fans. This is one of the trendsetting attires for any formal occasions. The cotton fabric made apparel has a red lining inside as notch collar to provide a more sophisticated look. The replicas are so similar to the original one that you can hardly differentiate. So, if you want a stylish and sophisticated look, Doctor Who coats are a must try!

Fashion trends keep on changing. Whatever was yesterday is today a mere history. So, stay up-to-date with new fashion trends. Be stylish! Be trendy!