Beat It Jacket

How Iconic MJ changed the fashion trends with his extravagent leather clothings

It is very interesting to see many celebrity fashion have changed and influenced the way of dressing. Some popular fashions are very classic and it can stand out all the time as a “ go out of style”. The king of pop – Michael Jackson influenced the whole generation with his leather clothing style choices. From MJ very first red color leather bomber jacket, his various styles and jackets developed unique fashion trend and inspired many people to address his style. Red beat it jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his first “Beat it” video. After the launch, he recreated the same look many occasions in different ways in his unique style. The Military inspired leather jacket is the trademark of the Jackson style as it was a royalty on Victorian times. His significant and unique dressing style and fashion followed by many celebrities till date. Jackson changed the clothing trends with his extravagant leather outwears.

King of style in iconic fashion:

For over past decades, MJ wardrobe influenced fashion for both women and men. It was really hard to replicate his loyal look for any local fans. Colored leather jackets worn by MJ was very iconic even after the decades and still it is an outstanding and extravagant trend to wear it. Even after the years of death, it is clear that the MJ pop sensation and fashion style legacy live on.

The red zipper-bedecked leather jacket that MJ wore in the “ Beat it” video is the most iconic fashion trend and it is widely copied by many people. He itself opted same tomato colored beat it jacket in the “Thriller” clip also.

MJ’s Thriller jacket is the iconic fashion trend in the recent days also. The black strips on the candy apple red jacket was noted highly for its zips and logo. Its stylish features inspired by Michael Jackson are the hottest outwear and also widely emulated by many celebrities Kanye West and Chris Brown. The copy of this stylish clothing is available in black and white color is also influenced by many stars.

The military and Sequin Jackets:

MJ led the fashion world in his button-bedecked, braid and custom made military jackets. Parisian catwalk is also crowded with the same kind of strong shoulder look.

The Miltray Jacket is one among the best piece of clothing in the MJ fashion. The leather military jackets worn by him with beads and pearls are very famous. On the other hand, the Sequin jacket that wore by Michael Jackson in many performances and later patch work on the sequin jackets trends come with his jackets. Military inspired leather jackets became the Jackson’s signature look and now the trend continues to be trendy one in its look.

High shine leather jackets by MJ:

With pop sensation, Michael Jackson’s high shine leather Jackets are still in trend that helped to highlight the move with the skin tight leather clothing with lots of shine. This high shine clothing influenced by MJ is still around the world on high trend. The plain black leather jackets are more stylish one other than red leather jackets. Dark shaded leather jackets are highly trendier than the light color shades when it comes to shiny clothing. Its durability and super strength add extra features to the leather clothing.

Till date, Michael Jackson fashion alive from the red colored beat it jacket to military style jacket among the celebrity and in the fashion conscious world.