Blade Jacket

The evergreen trends in Hollywood leather clothing: the top 5

It has long been known that leather jacket is already must-have for almost every fashionable woman, and it is the element of the wardrobe, that has become a classic.

In autumn and winter, and early spring it will help you to create a stylish and very fashionable look easily.

The versatility of this jacket is that it can be worn with anything: jeans, leggings, shorts, but most importantly, it can also be worn with a silk dress or a skirt and top, and shoes on a hairpin.

There are several varieties of this jacket in this season: it's everyone's favorite asymmetric zip jacket, leather jacket and elongated jacket.

Popular color is black, gray, beige and bright - blue, red, etc.

There are several jackets which will remain evergreen. These are popular movie jackets and celebrity trendsetting jackets. In this article we will remind the most famous of them:

Marlon Brando Jacket

Leather blouse, better known as a leather jacket, was invented in 1928 for military pilots, but it gained worldwide popularity after Marlon Brando starred in it in "The wild one" a bad guy. It has become indispensable for bikers cince that time. In terms of style Brando is called an innovator in everything. As a real style icon, this guy was not afraid to take risks, and it concerned also the clothes. He wore jeans on the premiere of his films, and even being condemned by society for such tricks, still felt confident in himself. This manner of dress, arrogant and altogether soulful eyes, fast motorcycles and leather jackets - all this inspired an entire era, a whole generation. In almost 9/10th of is movie, he's wearing a simple black jacket and he makes it look insanely cool. He proved once again that it's notabout whatyou wear; most of the time, it's howyou wear it. The guy was so cool that he practically brought the jacket to the mainstream.

Blade jacket

Gothic cloak of black leatherette without buttoning is created on the basis of the famous cloak of Wesley Snipes vampire trilogy "Blade". It does not restrict the movements and looks great. A special element of the coat - is red satin lining that adds to the charm! In addition, this elongated Blade jacket has got two roomy interior pockets.

Tom Cruise Ghost Protocol Jacket

For the fashion designers, it was a great a challenge to come up with an outfit that could matches with a heroic character of Tom Cruise. In the Mission Impossible ghost Protocol he wore an elongated jacket with a hood. The wrinkled leather used to craft this magnificent piece is extremely rich, soft and smooth, and with the very first touch you can feel its premium quality.

Jack Reacher's Jacket

Simplicity is meant to remain at the position of the topper. To make this happen Tom Cruise’ reprising the role as Jack Reacher, carried a brilliant leather jacket that amazed the worldwide audiences. On the official debut picture of movie "Jack Reacher" actor flaunts a brown leather jacket against the background of a city streets.

John Lennon jacket

Traditional black leather jacket is also in trend, but comes back the fashion of the 60th. Must have of this season is typical John Lennon jacket, who is considered to be a trendsetter of his time. Concerning the colors, popular are mustard, khaki, gray, green, and reddish-brown tones. Leather on jackets also has a variety of textures: often embossed or worn-out, many models are made of reptile skin, nubuck and glossy or matte trimming. Fur details, metal fasteners, rivets, buttons, quilted items, patch pockets - all these details create a stylish look, supporting fashion trends of this autumn-winter season.