Bourne Legacy Jacket

Top Movie inspired leather clothings of the celebrities-The top 7

The fashion trends are set up each year and each season by celebrities most of the times. The reasons being that the designers doesn't only show their work through a catwalk, but also through the public appearances of well known people belonging especially from the show business. Leather jackets are a must have for men each winter, but with different variations instead of a cliché plain leather each year.

As the winds start to get colder, the fashion idols have started to finally accessorize their suiting. They adorn themselves in the required hues and colors and then finalize it with a perfect leather match. The red carpets this year saw a lot of leather over the clothing.

Many of the leather jackets this winter are inspired by the bourne legacy jacket, as it is known. Not only with other celebrities, but the fan following this year has garnished themselves with this particular bourne legacy jacket. This is a bomber styled jacket with a high neck having a zipper all through till the end to provide maximum protection against the cold. Just a little underneath the shoulder blade, the diagonal zip lends to it quite a charming elegance and class. Some of the stitches and seams are prominent on the leathery surface which is a definite manly crude look. Jeremy Renner has surely set a long lasting trend with his role for the leather jackets.

Justin Bieber was witnessed wearing a thick leather jacket over a dark colored shirt. What was interesting was the fact that he also wore a bow tie on the shirt and it did not look out of proportion at all. In fact, it lended a cheerful look to the young man’s appearance. All over the side planks were diagonal stitches and zippers to give a chic look.

Leather jackets with a zipper that runs not in the middle of the jacket, but slightly towards the right side, is also a major win. Elijah Wood was seen wearing that jacket. Paparazzi caught his glimpses wearing that jacket and comfortably moving around with a happy, cheerful smile on his face.

Tom Cruise helped brown leather resurface with his laser cut brown jacket that he wore to a film premier. It had a traditional aura about it. The mannerly horizontal zips and large brass buttons provided the charming rowdiness. But the winning factor in this jacket was surely its color.

Adam Levine emerged with a bomber leather jacket showing and telling everyone that it is not important to wear leather with lots of patterns and cuts; it is important to wear leather. It was a simple plain jacket that made the glossy material more prominent. He certainly looked his best.

Daniel Crag looked very handsome in his fitted leather jacket which had stitches of light color along the sleeves. These stitches were giving a certain mechanical action look to his already action figure personality.

Ricky Martin stole the show when on Grammy awards red carpet he was seen wearing a black leather jacket which had small dotted patterns all over it. This was quite an experiment which turned out to be amazing!

Although the seven trends were quite a show stopper in each of their shows, but definitely the star of the winter line is still the bourne legacy jacket. The way it is carried out this winter and the way this is being worn, no other jacket took the lead.