Captain America Jacket

What are 5 most popular to superheroes leather outwear this season: The comic stars

You do not just look at the super heroes and enjoy .You wish, you had those super powers .Haven’t you tried to climb on walls like Spiderman did .Haven’t you felt like to help somebody and be a super hero, if only you had power. May be because of that, your willingness to be like those superheroes, when you were child or even your child demands the super hero dress whenever there is fancy party or there is Halloween party .They are very trending in the fashion wear because that is the best way any fans of super heroes can get much closure to the real attitude they see in those super heroes .Perhaps ,dressing like them is making yourself feel ,you are in the team of super heroes .Due to this ,many of the superheroes wears are trending in the market .Whether it is batman leather wear or superman wear it has been taking the market of super heroes .The comic star-Flash or the Iron man ,they have their own impacts on the market .Some of the top 5 most popular superheroes leather wear that has been trending in the market are listed below :

 • Superman Leather shield jacket :

This is one of the popular leather outwear being worn by the Superman in his latest movie .The jacket is characterized with frontal red color and the sleeves being in black color. Apart from those standing collar and the frontal zipper the character that one can talk on is big “S” trademark of the Superman. The jacket has been trending in very different varieties of color while the most popular one is the red jacket with black stripes.

 • Batman Leather jacket :

This is the most popular jacket with the launch of “batman begins “.The batman jacket in the batman begins or the movie dark knight rises, these brands have been trending this season. The main characteristic icon of this jacket is the big bat on the front face of the jacket which in addition does have the standing collar .The jacket does have the stripes like layer on the shoulder layer which is extending up to the lower sleeves .The most trending color of the batman jacket is black but even few red color are being sold in the market.

 • Captain America Jacket :

The super hero of the Avengers, Captain America as well as his jacket has been rise in the market this season. There are several on and off designs of the Captain America Jacket. Some popular model like Chris Evan leather jacket has the print of a big star on the front of the Captain America jacket in the blue background .The jacket, on following ,has the white and red stripes vertically laying on the edge of the jacket .Another trendy design on this wear is Captain America faux leather jacket which is totally in blue background with a huge star and few lines passing by on the central half of the jacket.

 • The flash jacket :

This is the symbol of being fast .This jacket is characterized with red color and the symbol of lighting in the mid of the jacket. The lean and thin can find this one quite suit on them. This jacket has been popular after the avenger release.

 • Iron man jacket :

The star “Tony Stark “has brought a huge rise in the trend of this superhero jacket as with the name of the iron man jacket. The jacket is characterized with two diagonal pockets with zipper while they have two horizontal pockets too. The jacket does have standing color and has been trending in black and red color.