Inception Leather Jacket

Trendy classic celebrity jacket popular this season- the 5 most popular one

The different celebrities are seen wearing different style of the jackets in their movies and off the movie. The leather jackets worn by the celebrities become the latest trend in the fashion world. The jackets worn by the actors in their movie like inception leather jacket, layer like jacket, etc have attracted many fans towards it and are in great fashion.

Black leather moto jacket.

Many celebrities are seen with the black leather jacket with the white dress, maxi dress, skirts, and denim. There are different varieties of black moto leather jackets are in trend. The celebrities are seen with the different quilted pattern jacket with the classic detailing. The quilted patterns are at the shoulder, sleeves, front etc. Some are plain with the zip fastening symmetrical or asymmetrical with the pockets and the belt at the waist. Some has stone studded on the collars or chest and are much loved by people for the party.

Cropped leather jacket.

The crop leather jackets are smaller than the usual size jackets. The trends for crop leather jacket are continuously increasing among the actresses. Some of the crop leather jackets have flap down collars with the zip at the centre and multiple zip pockets. Some jackets are retro style having asymmetrical zip and buckled waist belt with the body fitting. The jacket with snap up collar with tab button is also seen wearing by the actresses. The crop leather jackets look very adorable on the denims.

Trench coat.

There is great fashion among celebrities for the longer coats that is up to knee level. The celebrities are seen wearing beautiful colors like burgundy, brown, red, blue etc, which enhance their elegancy. It can be teamed with the leggings, denims, trousers etc. This can use for both professional look and casual look. The patch design is much popular this season among ladies. And among men some trench coats are very long below the knee level, with fashionable buttons and simple lining.

Colored leather jacket.

The colored jackets are available in different style of varying colors like white, orange, blue, pink, all shades of brown, yellow etc. Some are simple with the stylish lining, broad collars, either with the zips or buttons ate the centre. In the movie inception, the inception leather jacket of dark brown color with stylish lining, two pockets at the front and single zip at the centre was worn by the actor. Another inception leather jacket is lighter brown and is simpler than the previous one with two vertical pockets. Both look very debonair. Some are plain with the quilted patterns at the front part of the shoulders or at the back. Many actresses are seen wearing orange and yellow color jackets of this style. The white are also in much fashion. Every style of the color leather jackets are much liked by the celebrity and thus by their fans. Another

Oversized collar jacket.

The oversized leather jackets are having simple look, with very large collar and the zip or button. They look well with the denim and the mini dress. Usually, it is seen in black color and is more prevalent among ladies. Celebrities are seen with this kind of black leather jacket with the denim and white dress in many events.

Thus the fans are influenced so much with the fashion trends of their favorite celebrities and are always in the search of those kinds of jacket.