James Bond Jacket

The 007 jacket trend evolution- How it changed this season

For several decades the James Bond film has been an inspiration to style and fashion. James Bond reflects the personality of a modern gentleman. He is synonymous to being strong, polite, confidence and fashionable. The exciting character of James Bond, a renowned British spy, has created a permanent style image in people’s mind. James Bond continues to make fashion statements even after decades have passed. The style gets better and better each time.

Bond’s clothing style has evolved through six actors, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, who played the character of 007. Each actor brought in their own unique style and look into the movie. Sean Connery in Dr. No wore a V-necked one buttoned jacket which had been the ideal ‘Bond look’ for many years. The width of lapels of the James Bond jacket increased and later decreased. Fashion of jackets changed from being single breasted to double breasted ones. Though dinner jackets were mostly dark in colour like black, dark brown, gray and navy blue, white dinner jacket was seen later in the movie. The ‘Thunderball’ dinner jacket has shawl collar and midnight blue in colour. Roger Moore’s signature style was double breasted jackets with notched-lapel collar. In ‘For Your Eyes Only’ in 1981, the style of James Bond jacket changed from double breasted to single breasted. Moore wore a single breasted white dinner jacket in ‘Octopussy’ in 1983 similar to what Connery wore in ‘Goldfinger’. Shawl style collar appeared in Timothy Dalton’s time. The collar closes with a strap to hide the shirt underneath. Large notched lapel collar in dinner jacket was last seen in ‘License to Kill’. The jacket had padded shoulders and was oversized.

In ‘Golden Eye’, Pierce Brosnan wore a single breasted dinner jacket with peaked lapel collar. From his time, the casual look on jackets appeared. Bond was not only seen in formal dinner jackets, but also in casual wears like leather jackets. In ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ Brosnan wore a brown leather jacket with full zip closure, shirt style collar and buttoned straps at the cuffs. There were two hand pockets and two flap pockets. In ‘Quantum of Solace’, Daniel Craig wore a Herrington style navy blue jacket. The jacket had buttoned slash pocket and waistband for better fit. It also has buttoned cuffs and a zipped in front with collar tab. Shawl collar in dinner jacket was back in trend in the Daniel Craig films. The new trend of casual look was also apparent in the Craig films. In ‘Casino Royale’, Daniel Craig wore a dark brown leather jacket. The external pockets were pleated with flaps. The stylish cut of the jacket makes it unique and ideal for formal parties. The most recent James Bond jacket that became popular is the ‘Sky Fall’ distressed vintage-style leather jacket. The jacket has folded collar, belted cuffs and front zipped closure. It also has two side pockets at the sides, a back panel and side tabs for adjustment. The jacket depicts charm and politeness.

The transition in fashion for Bond jackets has been apparent. Bond fashion is complementary to fashion of the times the movies were released. While Connery was seen mostly in Tuxedo, Craig appeared in smart and casual outfit. This is the trend of the modern gentlemen nowadays. Whereas, in the 60s smartly dressed meant wearing suits. The jackets of recent Bond films are more fitted accentuating body features, than the previous films. There is no doubt about Bond being a style icon of all times.