John Lennon Jacket

The top 5 jackets of iconic musicians and actors, which are still popular this season

Musicians and actors have always inspired our wardrobe through all ages of time. Their style trend and effortlessness have been in trend most of the time. We making them our heroes in real life, always try to imitate them, their behavior, their style and way of living. Very les we could touch that zenith, but the try remains endless. And jackets have always been a men’s choice of style. They often try to reproduce their reel hero look, in their real life. And when it comes to the most iconic jackets of time, when has made history, men longs to get hold of one.

The motorbike jackets have been primarily mage to protect the biker from sudden crash. But with the development of style and trend, these jackets have become popular among both biker and non-bikers. To name a few which fashioned history, the articles continues. Here’s a list of the top five worn by legends.

John Lennon jacket: the Lennon Suede Jacket was an iconic jacket, which is sought after by all music lovers. This brown jacket which he is seen wearing in the covers of Rubber Soul is one of his desired too. Days back in 1965, this prodigious jacket is obliged and acquires praises even today. Not only the jacket, the US army shirt which by worn by Lennon, was even as popular as the John Lennon jacket.

Leather Jacket, “Fight Club”: This Hollywood classic jacket is the trend setter, as far as Leather jacket for men are concerned. Nothing worn by Brad Pitt became such a hit, in his entire Hollywood career, as this one was. The character he depicted, was of Tyler, who was recalcitrant, rugged, all over the whole movie, and leather jacket was actually the main attire of his character. The red colour, the neat, the finish, has added a totally new aspect to the leather jacket world. Though the original maker of this individual jacket is unknown, but a huge number of facsimiles has been made, and is available in market.

Motorbike Jacket, by Triumph: James Dean, made this Triumph Leather Motorbike jacket iconic, He liked them so much that he himself owned two of such classics, particularly designed for him. Purchasers who all are anxious procuring the James Dean unruly look would go for a Triumph Jacket, or a leather James Dean motorbike jacket, stimulated by the one owned by Dean. But the original one structures a separable vest line, waist connecting zipper, sideways adjustment zip, with elbow, shoulder protectors. This conventional apt style inspired plentiful imitations, so consumers who are economical can opt for the faux.

Leather jackets by Wested leather Company: Wested leather Co, is one of the renounced corporation engineering iconic jackets, worn by legends through centuries. Hollywood classics like Indiana Jones, Raiders, and The Rocketeer. Favored by all Hollywood directors, this is a most iconic name among, the production. Setting aside the fact of been the eternal cool, the leather jackets by Wested Leather Company it is a visual treat.

George Harrison Black jacket: The Beatle lead, George Harrison, made his black leather jacket iconic. Days back to the very beginning of his music life, this black jacket made history. The collarless sleeved wear became a signature style for the Beatles and all their fans.