Layer Cake Jacket

top actors and their dressing trend this season- who’s hot and who’s not

Every actor has their own style of dressing, who is seen with different attire in different events. The actors outfit always get much more attention from the fan and the dressing style of actor can influence their fan at large extend like the craze for the layer cake jacket worn by the Daniel Craig in one of his movie. It is seen that the trend for the leather outwear has never be outdated in the fashion world. Though, the fashion keeps on changing in every season and year, but the leather jackets are always in vogue among the actors.

Tom Cruise

This good-looking actor is seen many times with a leather jacket. He usually uses to wear brown or the black color leather jacket. His jackets are short body fit, dull polished plain jacket with the classic lining with or without pocket and the single zip at the front. He always look chic in his leather outwear. For most of the time, he used to keep its jacket open and teamed it with the denim or trouser. Such kind of jackets are much in trend, because of its classy look.

Leonardo Di Caprio

He is seen with variety of leather jackets. He is also seen with the snap buttoned collars either in different shades of brown color and black color. He uses to wear it with round neck t shirt, denim and sporty cap. His plain jacket of dark brown color with two horizontal pockets at the front and the single zip at the centre is also in trend after his movie inception. It reflects great personality and look very stylish.

Robert Patinson

Robert Pattinson is usually seen in the casual attire with the T shirt, denim and leather jacket. The standard black jacket with the multiple zips never gets out of the style and the Robert Pattinson was seen in that leather jacket. He also used to wear simple leather jacket with the cotton elastic strap at the end of the jacket. He also wore the jacket with stand up collars with the stripe design at the collars. He looks very dashing in the black jacket with red sleeves giving him the sporty look.

Brad Pitt

The jackets selected by the Brad Pitt are usually having lapel collar and two- three pockets. He is mostly seen wearing black, red and brown colors. The look of his jacket is somewhat rough and tough and he always teamed up it with t shirt, denim and stylish cap. He also used to wear jackets with the buttons instead of zip, which is also in trends now.

Daniel Craig

The Daniel Craig’s layer cake jacket got very famous in the fashion world. It is designed with classic lining, single zip and red color at the inner side. He is also seen with the oversized collar jacket with the turtle neck t shirt. Another layer cake jacket having small stand up collar with vertical side pockets and single zip at the centre is also popular among his fans. Once he also wore short jacket up to waist with the buttons at the centre, but that was not so appealing. He usually preferred body fit short jackets along with denim and cap.

Thus, the top 5 actors having their own best style and the fans following their favorite actors follow their trends. The layer cake jacket and inception leather jacket has gain many popularity after the movie done by the actors.