Resident Evil 6 Jacket

The games character jackets which made to the top 5 this season

This season there is a large collection of games character jackets available. Teenagers simply love to have a jacket related to their favorite games character and this is the reason why these types of jackets are bought in bulks each year. Are you also one of those teens who are looking for the best games character jackets this season? Well, you are at the perfect place then. You will be simply astonished by the fact that this season there are one of the best games character jackets which you will simply adore. Let us have a glimpse at the top 5 of these jackets this season.

 •  Resident evil 6 jacket

Do you wish to get a taste of the style which your favorite character had in Resident evil 6? Well, the Resident evil 6 jacket will give you the exact look which you want. This is a pure black leather jacket with a shiny and attractive appearance. The jacket comes with shirt-like collars and a front zip closure. The most intriguing part about this jacket is that it features 6 pockets at the front; 4 flap pocket and 2 zipped pockets as well. These pockets give the jacket a very unique and tough look. Furthermore, there are two horizontal stripes on each arm of the jacket, both in grey color. This Resident evil 6 jacket is ready to give you an evil and tough appearance which you will simply love.

 •  Assassin’s creed jacket

If you are fond of Assassin’s creed, this is the jacket which you must possess. The latest Assassin’s creed jacket comes in a unique appearance in black color. The jacket also features a hoodie at the back, which is a favorite of many lovers of this game character’s jacket. The jacket is cut into a curved design at the bottom. There is a unique design on the jacket in red color, which gives it a very awesome look. So, if you wish to get a mesmerizing look, then do get one of these jackets.

 •  Call of duty 6 jacket

Who is not a fan of Call of duty? Almost everyone, ranging from teenagers to adults is simply mad about the game “Call of Duty”. This season, one would be astonished to fine the latest call of duty 6 jackets in the market. This is a thick jacket in grey color, with a hoodie at the back. There are black stripes covering the front zip closure and also around the sleeves, give the jacket a very neat look. So, if you are a fond of your favorite game characters amazing look, do not wait and get a call of duty 6 amazing jacket immediately.

 •  Metal Gear solid 5 jacket

Since we are talking about the top 5 game characters jackets, how can we forget about the Metal gear solid 5 jacket? This is simply one of the best jackets ever. The leather jacket comes in black color with a right-sided zip closure. This plane black leather jacket with a shiny appearance and a tough look is loved by many.

 •  Halo 5 jacket

This black jacket with a hoodie is one of the most stylish game characters jackets ever. The jacket comprises of an eagle’s picture on one of the arms which looks quite cool. The jacket comes with a front zip closure. If you do not have this jacket, you are missing too much.