Swordfish Jacket

The classic 5 of celebrity jackets: Whats on buyer;s list of fans this season

The world of fashion is very volatile; it changes very quickly. People tend to follow celebrities when it comes to fashion. Movie jackets have always been a huge section of fashion apparels. Here are the top 5 classic celebrity jackets that fans must buy this season.

 • Swordfish jacket: Actor Hugh Jackman wore a classic leather jacket in the movie ‘Swordfish’ creating hype in the fashion industry. The charming black leather Swordfish jacket is comfortable and stylish as well. The jacket is made from high quality cowhide leather giving it a very soft feel. The simple design and stylish cut of this jacket is very appealing. There is a logo of American Flag on the sleeve. The jacket has a round collar with a snap button, front zip closure and two chest pockets. The jacket displays excellent craftsmanship.

 • Terminator 2 jacket: In the movie ‘Terminator 2’, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger wore an attractive black Brando style biker jacket. This jacket has been famous for the strong character that Arnold played in the movie. The jacket has several zips, the unique feature of biker jackets. It has two hand pockets, front zip closure, zipped cuffs and belt around the waist with heavy buckles. This jacket is very stylish and personifies a masculine personality.

 • Top Gun jacket: Tom Cruise, famous for his style sense, played the character of a fighter pilot in the movie ‘Top Gun’. In this movie he wore a black leather bomber jacket which turned out to be very popular. The most attractive feature of this jacket is the numerous patches that are embroidered on the jacket. It has two flap pockets at the front and ribbed cuffs for a better fit. The jacket has front zip closure. This extremely classy and stylish leather jacket must be on your buying list this season.

 • The Expandables 2 jacket: This fashionable distressed brown coloured leather jacket was worn by Jason Statham in the movie ‘The Expandables’. This jacket portrays the image of a tough guy similar to one played by Jason in the film. The jacket has button detailing with four big front pockets in front. The jacket has a front zip closure and is very comfortable to wear. This retro style jacket is the result of excellent design, craftsmanship, and high quality leather.

 • Indiana Jones jacket: Actor Harrison Ford wore a classic brown leather jacket in the latest series of the legendary movie ‘Indiana Jones’. The overall jacket is lined for giving extra comfort and ease of wearing. It has two flap pockets near the waist. The unique feature of this jacket is that it gets better with use. This jacket is perfect for casual wear and can be worn when hanging out with close ones. This jacket has an adventurous feel to it and is ideal for outdoor activities like hunting or simple strolling around.

Jackets that actors wear in movies become trendsetters. People tend to follow their styles. Movies inspire people to get the look of their favourite stars. This is the reason fashion designers spent a lot of time designing clothes for movies and spend a lot of money on it. Some of these jackets become so popular that remain in fashion forever.