Thriller Jacket

How Iconic Singers changed fashion trends: MJ, Lennon and all the greats

Whether it is the 21st century john mayor favorite black jacket that hit the market high or whether it were John Lenon’s us army jacket .these jackets once worn by the singer started becoming some healthy trends. Some of the singer introduced the grunge fashion trends while some came up with the jeans look .Some singer gave new definition to the punk look. With the time and situation new and different trends have been in the market and somewhere somehow apart from movie actors even the singers have played very important role in re-describing the fashion trends. Some of the popular wear that can be regarded as the real shift in trends are :

 • Lennon US army jacket :

With the introduction of this new jacket, the newest trend of patriotism and style were merged down in one zone. The singer wore it while singing in several concerts and even made a lot of photo shoot on this which made this popular. The jacket has trend of print of US army on the right hand side and is characterized with the two pockets. The jacket has buttons as the fastener and was a new change in the trend that was flowing that that time .

 • Michael Jackson Thriller jacket :

The new break-dance masters Michael Jackson have a new shitt or turn to the history of jacket after he introduced new type of red jacket in the song Thriller. The Thriller jacket has two pockets on either side. The jacket has been trending with red color and white stripes on the shoulder. The jacket has buttons on its neckline as well as on the wrist lint .the waist line has white border. The Thriller jacket is made from the leather and has the inner warming tech.

 • Eminem Stars and shady hoodie

This hoodie has brought a new iconic revolution in the punk and rap world. The jacket is characterized with a long comfortable hood. This hood has the pocket on either side of it and it has been characterized with the frontal zipper as the perfect enclosure. This is an icon of rapper these days.

 • Bonjovi Embroide for Wembley:

This jacket become a new trend after the popular singer came up with ths jacket while giving concern in Webmbley around 1995.Still today ,the music video of the song “Always “ sung by him shows the jacket he worn then. The jacket is characterized with the jeans and has the print on the back side. The jacket has button as the fasteners and has two pockets on the either side of the jacket.

 • Visvim Denim Jacket :

These jackets are jeans made and are trending among young white lads after the singer John mayor was seen with this jacket. This jacket is characterized with buttons and has liner design on the waist end line as well as the wrist end line.

So there has been some new fashion wear introduced with new designs and new trends after they were worn by the singer in their personal life or while doing some concert in their times .These way of creating an impression on the fans has lasted for long time and has marked some new trends in the design wear which seems to go and leave the impression for pretty long time.