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Top movie jackets for ladies: the top 5 celebrity clothing of this season

Why should there always be boys for fun and fashion .Not just in games or super hero comics, there has been huge impression of the female celebrity on the wear from the movies that air in the year. Similarly, like in previous year tron jacket was trending, this season there have been top 5 movie jackets for ladies that have been trending in the market as the best wear of the female .Here are the list of few of them:

 • Scarlett leather jacket :

Being inspired from the movie “Captain America 2 “ ,this jacket worn by Scarlett Johansson has been one of the most popular trending jackets being imitated from the movie. The jacket is characterized with extended collar up to mid chest and has one button as the closure. The jacket has plain design with simple button on the wrist. The waist line features the buckle line designs which also assist in the closure of the jacket.

 • Two Broke girls jacket :

The is the jacket that is most trending with the two broke girls in the air .The jacket is actually trending in red and grey and orange color with the extended collar up to the chest. The jacket merges at the mid and again disperse at the bottom.

 • Kim Brown leather jacket :

This is another popular leather jacket worn by Kim Cummings in the movie “88 minutes “ .The jacket has zipper closure and is just worn as a casual wear. The jacket has plain design with two open pockets on either side. The jacket has no any sort of prints on the frontal or backside. The most trending color of jacket for this season is black as well as dark orange or brown.

 • Jolie Leather jacket :

This is one of the popular jacket which was first shown in the movie “Wanted “ casted by Angelina Jolie .This has been still on the high market. The jacket has two open pockets with vertical opening on either side .The pockets do have the zipper closure and they are diagonal is line. The zipper is generally white or black in color. The jacket has standing collar and has been popular with the zipper on the frontal part of the jacket. This jacket is better for thin body as this is a fitting wear.

 • Roxanne Simpson leather jacket :

This is one of the most popular leather jackets which were worn by the actress Roxanne Simpson on the movie Ghost Rider .The jacket is more trending in brown color. The jacket doesn’t have any buttons or the zipper as the closure but has two opening pockets on the either side of the coat .This is most popular due to its design as a coat.

These are the most popular leather jackets in the list of female wear that has hit the market real high, not just due to the quality of the design but because they were featured in the movie by being worn by few most popular celebrities of the time .They may or may not fit you like tron jacket did, but these are the most popular in making your attitude resemble with those celebrity in the movie .So this is the better chance to get those personalities from the movie in you. Hurry up! Get these best jackets for you.