Will Smith Jacket

From Classic to futuristic leather clothing trends: the new ideas in Hollywood movie jackets

Celebrities emphasize their style with the help of clothes. The secret of perfect appearance of the actor Daniel Craig who played the iconic James Bond is simple: suits, emphasizing all the advantages of his body, and his famous jackets. Leather jacket is not only popular among men, but also among women.

A leather jacket is considered to be the cult clothing. Almost every popular Hollywood movie, the plot of which is connected with the adventures contains the protagonists necessarily dressed in leather jackets. And it is not surprising: natural leather clothes have unique properties and qualities. Leather looks gorgeous and is an essential part of every Hollywood actor's wardrobe.

Leather motorcyclist black jacket on Nikolas Cage in the movie "Ghost Rider" looks just perfect. In this entertaining horror movie a leather biker jacket protects him from fire and water.

Will Smith is not exception, as he is often seen in leather jackets in a lot of his movies. And it's not surprising because leather fits him perfectly.

Will Smith Hancock Leather Jacket: This magnificent Will Smith jacket is a real inspiration driven from the Hollywood movie "Hancock". "Will Smith" as John Hancock had worn this Will Smith jacket which is prepared from the best quality leather to give a detailed touch as seen in this movie.

Will Smith I Robot Black Leather Jacket: This high quality leather jacket is worn by Will Smith as del spooner in Hollywood roboy movie “I robot”. This handsome leather jacket is decorated in a way that it suits on every persons who want to wear it

Classic American pilot jacket looks nice on Braydon Fraser in Rob Cohen's adventurous "The Mummy 3" or "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" filmed in 2008. The film tells of the fantastic adventures of a married couple that fights the evil world. And perfectly matched leather garments help them.

Gorgeous leather jacket in military style looks great on Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" - one of Indiana Jones series. The film is set in the distant 1957, but the pattern of cross-linked coat made of thick buffalo leather remains relevant at the present day.

This is only a small part of the well-known movies where famous directors dress their characters in leather jackets. The conclusion suggests itself - such clothing for men is simply irreplaceable and always current. Leather jackets are fashionable and stylish at all times!

The above tips are the latest winter trends in the field of leather garments. These celebrity clothes can provide the stylishness of your wardrobe this season. You can wear the similar jackets in your everyday life for a walk in the city, and can put on for a unique event - anywhere you'll look perfect. Besides these things occurre in fashion trends almost every season, that is why leather is considered to be eternal.