Wolverine Jacket

Jackets trends of this season by top movies: what celebrities wore

Celebrities, movie stars and characters are the source of new trends in the fashion world. People adapt a lot of fashion trends from the leading movie stars and their top movies. Jackets and coats are the most noticed and adapted pieces of apparels from the movies as they are worn outer than shirts and t shirts. Jackets hence are one of the most used apparels and most trendy ones as well.

Different celebrities flaunt different types of jackets in their movies and that is what their fans copy. The replica jackets worn by any famous actor in some movie for his character are seen in the market as soon as the movie becomes a hit. Wolverine jacket has been made famous by the Wolverine from X men series played by Jack Hughman. Similarly, many handsome hunks and beautiful ladies have set a trend of stylish jackets through their movies and TV series.

Here is a list of trending jackets for this season inspired from top movies:

 • Supernatural Jacket:

There must be millions of Supernatural fans who love the tough yet smart and handsome look of Dean Winchester. The character of ghost hunter is well depicted by Jensen Ackles in the series and his jacket definitely has a great role in that. The replicas of these brown leather jackets have been made available in many stores and can be custom made. These jackets can be made up of either real or synthetic leather and has vicose lining in the inside. The buttoned closure at the front gives a perfect finishing to the jacket and this jacket can be worn as casual or semi casual attire.

 • Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket:

When the load of protecting the whole galaxy is on your shoulders, the superhero feeling comes automatically and whatever you wear becomes the new style trend. Peter Quill from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy definitely has proved that. The maroon leather jacket worn by Chris Patt as Peter Quill in the movie has earned its fame and respect as a superhero attire without a robe. The replicas of these jackets are made up of soft quality synthetic leather with internal vicose lining. The erect collar and the zipped front closure give a sense of confidence and attitude to the wearer. These jackets are great for casual wears.

 • Wolverine Jacket:

Wolverine is one of the best super hero for most of the kids as well as grown-ups. The casual attire of this super hero has been adored and followed by many people since a very long while and they still are doing so. From the X-men Origins to the X-men: Days of the Future Past, the wolverine jacket also has evolved and have become more stylish. These jackets are made out of fine quality leather and have vicose internal linings. In some parts of the series, the jackets also have camel strips around the waist, neck and the arms. This is a must have if you are a Wolverine fan.

 • Once Upon a Time Jacket:

After so many male celebs, here we have a female celeb and her style. The character of Emma Swan played by Jennifer Morrison is a very strong and bold one. Similar to her character is her jacket. A tight, fitting red jacket along with stylish features like high quality leather, shirt design with snap tab etc. makes this a masterpiece for ladies.

What celebrities wore yesterday is today’s style trend! There are many different movie inspired styles that you can copy. Explore more and learn to be fashionable.