Zac Efron Leather Jacket

The Top 5 celebrity jackets preferred by youths this winter

Whenever you need a good jacket, you always look at your favorite celebrity to get an idea of the latest trends this season. Teenagers are in fact one of the most active participants in getting inspired from celebrity jackets. This season, you will be delighted to find the amazing celebrity jackets available at your disposal. In this regard, let us have a look at the top 5 celebrity jackets preferred by youths this winter.

 •  Katy Perry leather jacket

This is one of the most fashionable lady jackets this winter. This jacket is available in black color with an attractive appearance. The jacket features a large shirt-style collar. There is a diamond pattern made on the shoulders of the jacket. In fact, the sleeves comprise of a zipper as well which gives a very cool look. The jacket is quite short in length and contains a button at the bottom for closing the jacket. There are also a number of studs and some additional zippers on the jacket which add to its overall appeal. So, if you are one of the most stylish girls out there, get this cool jacket immediately.

 •  Elvis Presley leather jacket

This jacket is best suited for all the young guys out there, who want to have a decent as well as a hot look. This is a black leather jacket with large shirt-like collars. The best feature of this jacket is that it comes in slim fitting which means that it will fit quite well on your body. There are two flap pockets at the front but are blended quite amazingly with the surface of the jacket. This plain jacket with long sleeves and a shiny appearance is surely a favorite of many people out there.

 •  Lily Collins bold leather jacket

This jacket is ready to provide all the young girls out there with a hot look. This brown leather jacket comes in a slim fitting and covers one’s body till the waist. This jacket tends to look best with slim people due to its slim-fitting. The jacket comprises of a number or horizontal lines on both sleeves, making a very adorable pattern. The best part about this jacket is that it is collarless and gives a new look to your style. The zip is available at the front for the closure but trust me, you would look much more amazing leaving the jacket open at the front.

 •  Aaron cross leather jacket

The glossy brown leather jacket worn by Aaron cross in the Bourne legacy is certainly a turn-on for many people. The jacket is made in a unique design with a neat look. It features light lining at the shoulders as well as near the sleeves. The overall look of this jacket is purely enthralling.

 •  Zac Efron leather jacket

If we are talking about the best celebrity jackets, how can we forget the amazing jacket worn by Zac Efron in the movie “That Awkward Moment”? Zac Efron leather jacket is available in dark blue color with a number of zippers at the front. There are metal studded buttons at the front of this amazing jacket for the closure. The collars are thick and made from a fur-like substance which looks quite appealing with the overall look of the jacket. The sleeves also comprise of a button closure. Zac Efron leather jacket this season is surely one of the best.