Ducati Jacket

How Ducati jackets of this can make a difference in biker’s looks- The most popular models from Ducati this season

Ducati is best known for high performance motorcycles characterized by large capacity. It’s such a brand men word in a word die for. And after Ducati has started sharing their mindset on biker apparels, there came a revolution in the trend of fashion. With the years progressing the demands of Ducati apparels, have risen high. The quality, technology and the trends used, by them, makes it a must have this season for all bikers.

Safety being one of the key concerns of a motorcycle much unlike cars where there are airbags to play an important saving factor, bikes characteristically can’t offer this feature. This was until motorcycle clothing company Dainese and motorcycle makers Ducati underway experimenting with the idea of assimilating an airbag for the rider and the pillion, into the biking involvement.

Usually jackets with safety measures don’t always carry the best look, in terms of fashion. But Ducati jackets having both make it all preferred and the prime reason to own one.

Ducati Jacket with its true Italian style, leather and textile, makes it more tempting. Very high, in value, comfort and style, it is designed keeping the riders mindset in note.

With intrigued style and safety, the best popular Ducati jacket models this year, can be categorized as

 • Strada 2 Fabric jackets by Ducati: Stands alone in its quality, and appearance, the Strada 2 is a textile jacket envisioned for touring with high level technical keys. There are three different layers, in this particular jacket which makes it comfortable and easy-to-wear in every season, throughout the year. The outside layer is made of high performance PWR shell with adaptable air intakes, these are all CE certified protectors and is pocketed for a back protector. The middle layer is of Gore-Tex LTD sheath, water-resistant and breathable. Made with Micro Grid Backer technology, an innovative subsidiaryfabric turns out to be lighter and more resistant to tear and scratch. The third and interior layer consists in an Exkin Air thermal lining with high sequestering capability even with condensed thickness.

 •  Ducati Corse 2 Leather Jackets: The belligerent look and extraordinaryglassy of safety structures makesa Ducati Corse jacket 14, one of the faultless garment for true bikers. Fashioned by D-skin leather as well asarmed with specializedcompoundshields on the elbows and aluminum thermoformed supplements on the carries. The three dimension-Bubble material guarantees breathability in most of the conditions. Facility for a spinalminder and chest maskcomprehensive the physiognomies of the Ducati jacket.

 • Urban 14 Leather jacket: the urban leather jacket is an essential piece with clean lines, improved by thermoformed logos applied unswervingly to the leather that give character though remaining subtle. Lightweight and armed with soft protectors on the shoulders and elbows and 3D-Bubble lining, the Urban 14 leather jacket is picture-perfect for riding and in both hot and cold climates. It even has provision for the addition of a back protector.

To conclude in one single point, after the onset of Ducati in the apparel field, especially jackets, it revolutionized the whole fashion trends in men. Among all the jackets Ducati puts up, the three categorized are being the best popular. If one is willing to purchase a jacket, without an intention to compromise on the quality, one should keep in consideration the above three.