Suzuki Jackets

The latest trends of hardcore biker jackets from Suzuki this season- The top 5 jackets

A motorbike jacket needs to have a feel good factor, be comfortable, make your look great and at the same time be functional and technical, as well. Be safe against odd. A motorbike jacket not only adds to your style quotient but also protects you, in times of danger. The motorbike jacket with proper protective wears would actually save your skin from friction with roads in case you meet with an accident. Along with the other manufacturing brands of Motorcycle, leaning into accessories manufacturing, Suzuki has even tried luck in the same, and has passed out with flying colors.

Suzuki brings forth a new collection of clothing ideal for. Team Suzuki and fans. Suzuki’s 2013 Collection is as stylish as it is comfortable and as smart as it is cool. Every piece of clothing has been undertaken with the same precision engineering Suzuki is synonymous with.

 •  Black Suzuki Soft-shell Jacket: this black Suzuki jacket is made up of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. The two choices of colors, in this variant, are black and blue. The gorgeous blue makes it more appealing and tempting to wear. Along with a complete hood and arm pocket, the black Suzuki soft-shell jacket is a comfortable wear. The fabric is completely soft and a wear on material throughout the season. Very much alone with the trend of this season this particular jacket even as a reflecting piping.

 •  Suzuki Textile Touring Jacket: This Suzuki Jacket concentrates more on safety, and a bit less on style. But the get up of this jacket is extremely smart and matches the latest trends cut to cut. This jacket has back protector to ensure safety. It even envisages elbow and shoulder protector. To accommodate more in the rainy season, this jacket comes with water proofing technology.

 •  Team Hoodie Jacket: Team Hoodie comes with different shades of deep blue color with the piping of green/ yellow depends on shades, of the base color. Details sleeve, including embroidered sponsor logos on the chest, sleeves and on the back as well. It comes with the mixture of cotton and polyester, where there is 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. This is one of the most comfortable and stylist jacket to be worn all-round the season.

 •  Mesh Riding Jacket from Suzuki (GSX-R GSXR): Suzuki GSX-R and the GSXR Mesh Riding Jacket is a Breathable, tough, and frivolous intersection panels which is used at elbows and should ensure the Polyester Fabric which consist of Nylon and Ballistic NPF which gives the extra sturdiness and scratch confrontation stratums in numerous wear able parts are double or triple sewed to upsurge sturdiness and strength, approved by CE and detachable polyurethane which are micro-cellular (PU) shield is constructed into the elbow parts. Presenting insightful Scotch little stripes for augmented discernibility Elective Fittings include Pilot Core Chest Protector. Back Pad can be substituted by promoted Pilot Core Back Pad.

 •  GSXR GIXXER SUZUKI’s MESH PILOT JACKETS: Suzuki GSX Rand the GSX-R SUZUKI MESH Pilot jacket is consisting of uppermost standards, with a profusion of attributes and inventions. Made of high-class Pilotex fabric made of mesh, a GSX-R Jacket used Micro Mesh, it is comfortable and light weight of mesh, through the toughness and entrance of a non-mesh nylon. Over laying panes at bears and elbows which consume 600Dfabric of Nylon Polyester and Ballistic NPF for resistance. This has some unique features, which makes it even more alluring to wear.

a) Removable armor

b) Tripled stitched

c) CE approved

d) Upper and lower back protection.