Black Leather Pants For Men

From Biker to regular use: the evolution of the leather pant: The new patterns and fresh design

Leather pants appeared so long time ago that people still can’t stop on pone date, but it’s sure that first they were used by American cowboys, then, with the beginning of motorcycle movement biker leather pants became necessary attribute of motorcycle culture. The most important is that leather pants must be comfortable and strong, because usually people used them for making trips. It’s also very important that pants from thick leather can save you in the accident. Of course, with time people took ideas of biker style to daily life and it became popular to wear leather pants even if you don’t have bike. Especially biker style became popular after appearance of movie heroes in film in leather pants. Marlon Brando was a man who gave this style new life and many people started to wear biker jackets and pants in daily life. The most important in motorcycle pants was still comfort, that’s why, mostly models were made in black or brown colors and they had straight design. Designers of that time propose leather pants with metal buttons, zippered closure and large belts for decoration.

In 70-s new life to biker style gave rock stars. Thanks to music and television black leather pants for men were necessary attribute of stylish person. Such pants were decorated with more metal decorative elements, like spikes, buttons, chains. New embroideries with biker symbols started to appear, like wings, fire, skulls, death. Anarchy motives attracted many young people and biker pants were popular even in group of people who didn’t have motorcycles.

With appearance of sport motorcycles style of leather pants changed a lot. Now we see classic biker leather pants, from fringe, metal decorations, embroideries and big number of pockets and sport variant where the most important is comfort, safety and harmonious stylish look. Fans of sport motorcycles prefer fit slim models with combination of leather and textile or stretch, because it gives more comfort and necessary ventilation. As for design, we can see black leather pants for men with contrast strips and logos, totally black models or bright pants for people who prefer attention and admiring signets.

Last years we see more and more tendency of using leather pants in daily life. If before it was associated only with motorcycles or rock style, this year and some of last fashion seasons designers propose a lot of models from leather that men can combine with other styles of garments and other materials. Combination of materials is trend of this season and if you want to add notes of freedom to your daily look, you should wear leather pants with office jacket. By the way, you can do not stop only on black variant, last years designers use a lot of bright colors for making leather pants and bright image is very fashionable. Of course, mostly leather pants for men are made in dark colors, because glance leather already gives necessary bright look and dark colors are much more practice. But you have big choice between dark-green, cherry, dark-blue, grey models and all shadows of brown. This year brown is very popular and if you want to buy pants that will look stylish for many seasons, you can stop on any shadow of brown, beige or red. This year you can see models of different length, but the most popular are models to the ankle and very long variants that cover your shoes. Now it’s sure that leather pants came into fashion industry and now it’s not garments from biker style, but necessary cloth that must be in wardrobe of every man.