Leather Pants

What to wear in this season collection of leather pants: the new trends

Leather doesn’t want to give up for already many fashion seasons and we see that this tendency won’t disappear in next season too. So, if you still don’ have leather pants in your wardrobe, it’s just time to think about buying so popular and stylish garment that will give you new look.

More and more men pay attention to their look and if you want to have elegant look, it’s better to follow fashion recommendations. This season leather pants for men are presented in combination with leather jackets, wear them like a part of suits, combine pants with jumpers and sweaters or wear them with t-shirt or classic shirt. If you prefer classic style and you need to follow dress code for business, don’t worry, this season leather pants don’t remind us rock-stars. You can wear them with classic garment and such combination looks really harmonious. Designers propose us many models, but the most popular are slim fit pants. There are also large variants, but they are mostly proposed for original and creative men who like freedom and don’t like borders, such pants are performed in bright colors and it’s better to wear them on holidays and vacations. If you need notes of formality, it’s better to stop on slim model of dark color. You have rich choice of shadows: cherry, brown, black, grey, dark-blue, dark-green, elegant beige will serve you in any situation. Such pants can be combined with classic jackets from another material, this season combination of styles and materials is the best trend. Prints are also welcomed, but in men models prints must be small, not crying and it’s better to keep elegant style. Of course, if you need leather pants for riding motorcycle, you have big choice of motorcycle inspired pants. They are decorated with spikes, chains, large belts, fringe and other important attributes of biker style.

Women have also very rich choice of leather pants. You can see many models forms, length, colors and prints. But it’s very interesting that there is contrary tendency between men and women pants, if the most popular men model of this season is fit slim one, the best women model is called large one. Women can wear pants from leather everywhere, because this year we see such pants of all styles. Classic variant will match very well to business ladies. Designers propose very interesting variant of leather suit with pants and jacket with motorcycle motives. Bright color will give you unforgettable image and totally new look. Of course, in winter collection we see mostly dark colors, but you don’ need to wear only black. We see wonderful models of red, cherry, beige, brown and grey colors. Black pants are also presented on all podiums, but designers prefer to use bright glance leather, so, such pants look very bright and hanks to this material, they even don’t need extra decorations for giving you original look. As for length, there are two different tendencies, from one hand designers propose many short models with length to ankle, from another hand we see a lot of very popular very long pants that cover shoes. It can be only your choice what length is better for you, the most important is that in any case, you will have magic look.

Pants for men and women can be worn with any other type of garment, other styles, other materials, but one of trends of this season is urban style and image of futuristic person dressed totally in leather. If you want to look really bright and modern, it will be the best choice for you.