Motorcycle Trousers

New textures, safety features and colors- The changing trends of biker pants this season

All bikers want to have not only great look, but have comfort and safety during the trip. This season a lot of firms making pants thought a lot about safety of fans of motorcycle and if you are looking for something comfortable, stylish and practice, designers created a lot of wonderful models that will help you to make a choice.

Of course, leather stays the most popular material for making biker trousers. It’s easy to understand, it gives comfort, but with that it can save you in the accident. For safety designers even propose you models with double leather seat and double leather panels on hips. But the most popular are models with combination of leather and other materials, mostly of leather with textile or nylon, leather with denim. If you want to have a model totally made fro leather, there are wonderful pants with flexible leather knee panel for better protection and comfort, such system is often used in pants for women, because they have fit cut and if you need comfort during the road, it’s better to have flexible panel.

Technologies serve you to create better protection and this season we see a lot of models with ergonomically placed panels for optimal flexibility, protectors on knees, hips, seat, stretch zone for giving you freedom in every movement, perforated leather panels for better ventilation. In such pants you will feel very comfortable in any situation, plus, protection will give you sureness and feeling of safety. Of course, such pants must have not only protection, but also god look. This season we see many models of black color, it’s easy to combine it with any color of bike, with any other garment from your wardrobe and you will be able to use it for a long time without worrying that your pants can lose their look, black perfectly hide small shortcomings. But if before we saw mostly models looking like pants of rock star, with many metal decorations, fringe, spikes, chains and many out pockets, this season we see also big number of elegant fit sport pants with contrast details, logos and very interesting combination of materials. Of course, your choice will also depend on type of your motorcycle, if you have sport motorcycle, it’s better to choose modern fit slim motorcycle trousers with knee and hip protection, flexible panels and two side zippers, in such model very often we see stretch panels for giving you comfort and freedom. But of course, if you have classic bike, like Harley Davidson, nothing can be better than motorcycle trousers from thick leather with large belt, embroidery of fire on side or fringe. If you prefer simple elegance and you are going to wear your motorcycle pants in daily life, you must choose a model without too many decorations, just combination of leather with textile will give you elegant ad original look.

Before the most popular colors were black, brown, but last years designers even forgot about brown. This year we see much richer color gamma and it’s a time for people who are not afraid to be in the center of attention and attract sights. This season brown models are in trend and you will look great in any shadow of chocolate. You can see bright white models, combination of back with white or brown with white. Original and creative people can stop on bright black pants with red and yellow panels, totally orange or red pants will give you very bright look. But the best decision if combination of contrast colors, like black and white, black and yellow or black and blue.