Leather Saddlebags

Types of biker saddle bags and what to choose: the practical tips

You need to understand that a high quality and stylish saddle bag can be a perfect addition to your everyday outfit. The main reason is that it is in high demand this winter season. Basically, there are different types to choose from, and they all have their pros and cons. If you are not aware of how to pick the best one, it makes sense to use a few practical tips.

Look for the one that is made from genuine and high quality leather, and you will never go wrong. There are different things that you can carry in durable leather saddlebags, such as your rain coat, water bottle, mobile phone, cash and others. You can find the ones crafted from synthetic materials. Many consumers choose them because of their low price, but you should not make the same mistake. That’s because you won’t be able to find a better option than a leather one.

Keep in mind that some saddle bags may come with soft linings at their back. They are made from other materials, such as fleece. This feature plays an important role because of added protection and durability. Take time to think about the load that must be carried on a regular basis because this aspect is also important.

 • Trailmax saddle bags are famous for their removable cantle system. They are chosen by many consumers because it is easy and fast to pack them. They come lined with the special foam insuliners that can be removed. This feature helps users to protect their valuable items. You only need to attach such bags properly and securely. Besides, they are available in different colors, sizes, shapes and features, so that anyone can be sure to find the best bag of this type. The good news is that they all are extremely durable.

 • Synergist leather saddlebags are chosen because of their conventional look and style. They can be found in both small and large sizes, and they can fit any purpose. Make sure that you think about your main needs and check available colors, such as natural, black and tan. When loading your saddle bag, take time to think about whether it is equal in size, weight and distribution. This step will help you determine the most suitable type. For example, horse riding saddle bags are allowed to have a heavy weight. All of them are easy to use, lightweight and created to help people carry important things in a convenient way. Ensure that all of your possessions are balanced on both sides evenly.

 • Cavalry style western saddle bags. They are made from the best quality leather, but the most outstanding benefit is that they are hand crafted. This means that such leather bags can outlast any other type. They are commonly available in two popular styles, 2 and 3 buckled.

 • Pommel pocket saddle bags. They are famous for their small size, and this is what makes them perfect for carrying all kinds of tiny items.

 • Economy western leather saddlebags. They are also manufactured from genuine and supply leather and can boast of having a special Velcro flap closure. There are many consumers who agree that they look simple, but are created for heavy duty use. It is easy to clean them in your washing machine and they come with the special foam insuliners that protect your luggage and are easy to remove. You should attach such bags to your saddle by using durable tie straps.