Motorcycle Saddlebags

Biker saddlebags 5 most popular brands and whats on offer this season

The modern market provides consumers with limitless choices when it comes to available goods. The same rule can be applied to high quality motorcycle saddlebags. This means that you can find them in a wide range of styles, colors, sizes and shapes. This variety can make your shopping experience a bit complicated. Take time to find out more about the most popular brands and the latest trends in this field because this knowledge will help you make a sound investment.

i. Hard mount saddle bags for bikers. They are in high demand this winter season for different reasons. The main one is that they are quite sturdy and suitable even for heavy loads. For example, when planning a lengthy trip, you need to pick one of such bags.

ii. Toss over saddle bags. They tend to be a bit less durable compared to the first type, but they come with other specific advantages. The basic one is that they are quite portable. Keep in mind that such bags were first introduced in the 50s, but they are still in style.

iii. Classic leather motorcycle saddlebags. They are associated with a number of benefits. Many consumers choose them because of their flexible and soft texture. This material is quite lightweight, and this is what makes it easy for transporting all kinds of goods. Do not forget that leather is a waterproof fabric and it can withstand different stains. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not maintain it regularly and properly. The best part is that such bags are extremely durable, and that’s why you should include this type in your shopping list.

iv. Studded and pocket saddle bags. Some models come with multiple pockets for added convenience, while others have interesting studs. The latter style has a great appearance and will make your look trendy in any occasion. Remember that the ones that come with pockets will provide you with easy access to those things that you require right away.

v. Small and large leather motorcycle saddlebags. It is not a secret that they are available in different sizes, so that you need to decide on the right one. This is when you should take into consideration a few important aspects, such as the particular travel distance, haul gear for several riders, and so on. If you want to make a good choice, make sure that you consider your specific needs and personal likes.

In addition, there are other things that may have an impact on your final choice, and the basic ones are discussed below.

 • The right fitting. Think about your bike model and pick a suitable fit. That’s because different models require different saddle bags.

 • Available materials. There are many leather types used to manufacture such bags, such as cowhide, lambskin and others. They all have their specific features and price, but lambskin is the most widespread one these days.

 • Make sure that the saddle bag you want to buy is weather resistant. It must withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions, such as raining and snowing to provide you with the necessary protection.

 • Locking systems. It is always best to choose a secure and built-in one to ensure the safety of your personal belongings, especially if they get lost.

 • Buckles. Picking the fast release ones is a good idea because they ensure the ease operation of leather saddle bags.

 • Flexible mounting. Check whether they are easy to mount and use before placing your final order to avoid any frustration and stress.