Leather Mini Skirt

The new design and pattern of leather mini skirt this season: The 5 best trends

Leather season is the most desirable season of the year. The wardrobe of a woman in style is surely incomplete without the presence of a beautiful leather skirt with shirts belonging to a variety of color pallets. This season the designers have incorporated inspirations from different style statements in leather skirts. One of the most famous types of skirts is mini skirt category. This article would be discussing the 5 beautiful trends and styles available in leather miniskirts.


The first look that has been loved the most is the fiery look. Mini skirts with a fine fitting from the end leg area can be perfectly completed with a thick belt. A variety can be found in the different styles of belts available. Such kinds of skirts are wearable with both dress shirts and casual shirts. We have seen celebrity wearing mini leather jackets along as well.

Lace and floral:

In regard to the fashion of early 60s, designers have preserved the heritage with a sprinkle of modernity in mini skirts leather this season; Laces and floral designs. You can find laced miniskirts with floral shirts and vice versa. This style brought a lot of craze in the teen fashion market. More than anybody, the teenagers and the college going crowd demands this 60’s look. Floral laced scarfs are the best complimenting accessory with it.

Neon strips:

Well, we all know how famous the neon thing is. Now you will see the craze in your wardrobe as well. Yes, the designers have loved to add the neon effect in the clothing line this year. Leather Mini skirt that are usually assumed to be one of the most elegant looking clothing are now re defined with neon stripes. Bright neon colors with the shirts of same color pallet are highly in demand this season. You can find a variety of sizes and shapes available in this category of leather mini skirt.

Bold business look:

How can the designers not keep in mind the office look? This season in leather the textured and quilted leather with bold business look is the next type you will find in leather mini skirt category. A vast range of styles and cuts are available in this category. However, you will find a limit of color palette, designers have used dark and dull colors for the bold look this season.

Hyper color:

How can we forget the gypsy color leather mini skirt? The gypsy style has been the most long lasting styles in fashion of skirts. It is impossible to start a line of skirts without taking in consideration the gypsy hippie style skirts. You can find a range of colors with different styles of belts and chains along. They are perfect for anykind of casual event and day to day use. This also includes bright colors with floral designs. You can wear these skirts with long shirts and long sweaters. Leggings with textures are also preferred instead of stockings.

With such a variety available, the leather season will surely become the perfect season of the year, making you look like a pure beauty and a woman who knows style and fashion to its fullest. Start your search for your favorite leather mini skirt style this season.