Leather Pencil Skirt

Hot Trends in leather skirts- The 5 most elegant designs of this season

Are leather skirts not amazing? Yes, for sure they are. Any woman who is conscious of style and fashion would agree with the fact that leather skirts take your overall look to a high level, setting a standard for you. Now we know that the categories available in leather skirts are never ending, so for this discussion we have picked the line of leather pencil skirts. Leather pencil skirts are the most common yet evergreen form of skirts. Everywhere in the world, pencil skirts are the one item every girl wants in her wardrobe. Stylish and elegant looking, they take up any style and look you may want to carry. The question of how you can possibly manage different styles and designs in pencil skirts will be easily answered in the following article.

Top designs:

We all know what the standard pencil skirt looks like. So the most designers do is play with colors, fitting, textures and cuts. Starting with the cuts, designers have been most creative with the cuts in pencil skirts. Beautifully balanced the different sizes and style cuts in pencil skirts make them look gorgeous and extremely stylish. You can select between the side slits and the front cuts. For office wear, these cuts are most appropriate with a touch of elegance and style.

Next are the colors selected; although most people don’t count color as the factor of design, it is without any doubt the most important element of design. A sharp and bright color would totally change the theme and places of areas where you can wear that cloth. For example, a red color leather skirt would loo highly inappropriate for an office meeting. Just like that, designers play with colors to design a cloth as per a theme. The colors available in pencil skirt are countless, but you have to choose as per your need and places where you would want to wear them

Although most pencil skirts have a standard length and size, lately designers have played with its length and fitness. Where most skirts are fitted from the leg end, you can find a nice fitting on the waist and hip area now. For office mostly, women prefer the fitted leg pencil skirts with the standard length that is just above the knee. However, for casual wear you can pick from a variety of size and length.

Textures; as in early times the pencil skirts were mostly made out of cotton and net, the use of textures was common. In leather however, having textures increases the worth of the skirt to a much higher level. Textured leather pencil skirt is expensive but amazing looking. You can find textured pencil skirts from any nearby designer and you can also get them custom made.

Lace; lastly are the laced pencil skirts. Lace leather pencil skirts are quite eye catching and add a formal touch to the overall dress. The designers have been really careful about the lace designs as leather is a sensitive fabric to play with. You can find various antique and net laces with leather pencil skirt. However you have to be careful with the colors of accessories and shirts when you pick laced leather skirt for your wardrobe.