Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear


With a cool new bike to kick off your adventure rides, you need to remember the necessary biker gears before starting these joyful rides. Biker gears are highly important for your road safety and while you are at it, why not add some glamour and oomph while you shop and fetch your motorcycle wardrobe. The addition of right oomph and sophistication in your biker gears will not only complete your look but might as well make many a chicks fall for your style. Winters have set in and so we discuss here the ever-so-essential top gears for all the adventurous motorbike riders out there.


Biker jackets are a must have for every biker out there and leather biker jackets beat everything when it comes to winter. Cold weather motorcycle gear is best defined by a sleek black leather jacket with a zipped front. Their benefits are endless. Not only do they make an impressive style statement but also are more protective and rugged compared to other materials. A one-time investment on this will last you long. Closely fitted jacket with fitted sleeves are best to prevent wind from collecting in at high speeds.


A high speed ride on your new motorcycle on a wintry night is sure going to freeze your hands. Get yourself a smart pair of fitted gloves, preferably black again. A firm grip on your bike will only be ensure by gloves and that took a fitted pair but don’t find an overly fitted one as it will make your hands sweaty and tight. For winters, the best choice of gloves is the gauntlet ones as they extend over your jacket sleeves providing warmth as well as protection all the way through.


Bike rides should always be done in pants keeping safety in mind. Cold weather makes this all the more important. Biker pants often come with knee puddings as a danger resistant mechanism. Leather pants are the best option for winters followed by denims. They are sturdy, resistant to weather and damage and long lasting. Slim fitted pants are best in winters as they cling to body and provide maximum warmth looking stylish at the same time. Loose fitted pants do not only look clumsy but are also dangerous as they can get stuck in your bike.


Complete the look of your sleek leather/denim pants with some comfortable and warm yet stylish and heavy boots. A good grip is essential for bikers. Cold weather requires relatively long and preferably ankle length boots. Boots made out of leather is the best choice coupled with a rubber sole.


Finally, complete your biker look with a well fitted helmet for maximum protection. Safety from head injuries and the perfect protection from winter gusts will be accomplished with this essential gear.There are multiple helmets available in market but winter fashion asks for the full covered Helmet with a flap shield. When going for a leathery look overall and especially in black, one must use bright colored helmets as a contrast against the deep leather impact.

This sums up our essential cold weather motorcycle gear guide for fresh bikers keeping in view the current weather scenario. Enjoy the winters, keep biking, stay safe and never forget to look stylish!