Motorbike Jackets

Biker jackets got a fresh restyling of its collection this season, with all renowned brands bringing in new ideas and designs. The trendsetters have changed the way a biker jacket should look like. Here is the best of this season in motorbike jackets

Worker Wax - a novelty of this season created by Spidi.The famous company introduced a new Spidi motorbike jacket Worker Wax, created with the latest technology. Now you can forget about the notorious compromise between appearance and safety. Worker Wax - is a stylish design combined with the famous British quality. The basic material of the jacket is Waxed Cotton, natural Egyptian cotton of the highest quality, impregnated with a special wax composition that provides maximum water resistance. Similar technology is beeing used more than two hundred years. In the XIX century sailors impregnated their jackets with linseed oil, in order to protect it from moisture and ice droplets. Over time, the paraffin replaced oil, and this technology became widely used in the production of workwear. Special technology Step-in-Clothing provides the highest level of protection and comfort of the driver. A "stepped" three-phase structure of the jacket extends its functionality. The top layer of Worker Wax provides security from the falls and protects from bad weather and strong winds. Breathable inner layer H2OUT guarantees complete water resistance, and an additional backing of wool and lycra is responsible for thermal insulation. Also, the model Worker Wax is equipped with a protection of chest, back, shoulders and elbows. It has 5 external pockets and adjustable special-tightening straps at the wrists and sides of the jacket.

Bell X Schott NYC - a premium motorbike jacket

Today we will also discuss the men's jacket belonging to the class of "rocker" jackets - jackets for motorcycle fans. Of course, you can wear a biker jacket in everyday life (as it usually happens), but its original intended purpose is connected with motorcycles. There is no lack of rocker jackets, the offer is enormous. However, there are always those (and it should be admitted that these are not only the stars and celebrities, or even just rich people) who are tired of buying consumer goods, which are produced in thousands of parties, even though of good quality and well-known brand. Exactly for these people a new rocker jacket Bell X Schott NYC is designed. It is related to the premium class motorcycle clothes. This jacket is hand-made, and is released in a limited edition of two hundred and fifty items, each having its own number. Biker Jacket Bell X Schott NYC is created exclusively of natural materials and is insulated inside. From the point of view of design, the jacket Bell X Schott NYC is a classic model and brings us back to the distant, but still relevant style of the early 50s.

Cotton jacket for motorcyclists from Deus - a perfect choice for real bikers

Well, let's digress from the usual Chinese consumer goods, and see what is actually worn by men in the West, and in particular, what jackets are popular among motorcyclists. Well, brutal leather jacket - it goes without saying. However, there are less pretentious and more practical models. These are men's motorbike jacket of Australian company "Deus". Deus specializes in producing paramilitary clothes for men. Here you see a practical motorbike jacket made of cotton. This autumn men's jacket is designed for everyday use. On the one hand it protects from wind, and on the other hand, it "breathes". The jacket is sewn in a traditional style and is very functional.